2017 Bumps to Babies First Trimester Pregnancy

Best Pregnancy Announcements!

October 26, 2017

Hey Mama,
So you’ve made it past the life-changing first trimester. You’ve peed on about 1,522 sticks, you’ve thrown up too many times to count (or not we hope), ditched your partner for your bed at 7:30pm Every. Single. Night., and been grasping at the simple fact that you are indeed, PREGNANT. Congrats – you’ve made it past round 1! Now the fun starts – why, you ask? Well, it’s finally time to share with the world your baby news and start showing off that tiny baby bump (and they thought you were bloated). But how? It has to be perfect, of course. 😉 This announcement is the first official introduction of the Snuggle Bug that’s on the way, and frankly, it should reflect you and your partner to some degree. Don’t worry mama, we got you. We’ve compiled a solid inspiration to get your wheels turning…

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