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Winter Essentials

November 14, 2017

Winter is just around the corner and it’s time to get your little one ready for the colder months ahead. If this is your baby’s first winter, or your first as a pregnant mom, there are a lot of ways to make the harsh season comfortable and cozy.

Being pregnant is no picnic, and it can be really hard in the winter months. Your feet may swell to the point of needing new winter boots. Buying new boots for a few months may be an inevitable hassle, but thankfully you have options when it comes to a winter coat with a blooming belly. For pregnancy and the baby stage, the zip-in coat extension from Kokoala is going to be your new best friend. One simple product can extend your winter coat during pregnancy, and make babywearing possible all winter. Moms to be should also dress in thin layers instead of bulky sweaters, to make transitions from the cold outdoors into a toasty interior more bearable. There’s nothing worse than that shock of heat the second you walk inside as a pregnant mama! As they say, “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”, so take care of yourself and your bump this winter.

Onto baby. The winter months can be really challenging with newborns and young children. You may feel like cabin fever is at an all time high when the temperatures outside are foreboding, and leaving the house seems impossible. Dressing for the weather is crucial! Layer baby up with thin under layers and a thick sweater and pants. Doubling up on socks is never a bad idea either. For outerwear, look for mittens with a long sleeve so they won’t easily fall off, like the Snow Stoppers. Otherwise, be sure to get some mitt clips to keep their mittens in place. Even a well dressed baby will find it cool, so look for a stroller footmuff to keep baby extra warm. We loved the cozyganoosh footmuff that paired with our Uppababy Vista stroller. Many strollers now have compatible footmuffs, otherwise there are some that work for most strollers, like the Skip Hop footmuff.  I recommend a winter boot even if baby will be in a stroller footmuff, and I love Stonz for little feet!

Whether you’re outside playing in the snow, or staying warm inside, the winter months can be really harsh on baby’s skin. The winter is always when our children’s eczema peaks, from the dryness of the heater to the harsh wind and cold outside. To protect baby’s skin, be sure it’s all covered when you’re in cold temperatures. If baby’s cheeks have become red or irritated from the cold or wind, I recommend a moisturizing balm such as the one by Aleva. Even nipple cream will work as a protective barrier against baby’s skin and the harsh elements. Inside keep the air moist and fresh with a humidifier in baby’s bedroom.

Whether you’re an adventurous mom who gets out every day, blizzards and all, or you hunker down and stay warm indoors all winter long, wintertime is the time to stock up on a few fun activities for your little ones to help pass the time.  Skip Hop has the cutest activity gyms for baby, and check out Hape’s beautiful  play cube for hours of indoor fun.

Ready or not, winter is coming! We hope you have fun and stay warm this season, and enjoy the extra cuddles the cold weather brings.

Emily Morrice

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