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UPPAbaby Travel Bag – Product Review

October 12, 2016


We love to travel, and we always bring along our stroller, the Uppababy Vista. This stroller has more passport stamps than our youngest child and has been with us from the beginning! And while all Uppababy strollers are extremely high quality, airlines are not gentle with stored items at all.

Last year, when travelling to Sweden and Italy, our stroller was totalled. As in, it arrived on the luggage carousel in pieces. Not a great way to begin our family vacation, especially with three little ones who were still very stroller dependent. Thanks to duck tape and ingenuity, we were able to use our stroller during our holiday, but it was clear that it needed to be replaced ASAP.

After a quick Google search, we discovered that the majority of Airlines do not claim responsibility for broken strollers for a variety of reasons. Strollers are free to store, it’s difficult for the airline to know the previous condition of the stroller before your flight, they don’t come in cases, and they’re often checked at the gate – all reason enough for most Airlines to ignore the damage they’ve caused to your kid’s ride. We struck gold with our Airline, and they did take full responsibility for our broken stroller, but we understood how lucky we were and vowed to never take the risk again.


This year we travelled to Iceland and of course, brought along our Uppababy Vista, though this time not without the Uppababy Vista Travel Bag to keep our stroller safe.  What a game changer! Last year’s traumatic stroller saga left me really concerned about bringing our stroller on this most recent trip, but I know with three kids in a foreign city a stroller is a non-negotiable. The Uppababy Vista Travel Bag let us bring our stroller without any worries. Here are my thoughts after travelling with it by car, bus, and plane:

  • Make sure to try your the bag with your stroller at home before you travel. We made the mistake of using it for the first time in a busy airport when we were running late for our flight. Not ideal! It is easy to use and the stroller fits perfectly, but if you’re rushing and not familiar with the bag, it can be difficult.
  • Give your stroller wheels a quick clean before storing them. With the UPPAbaby Vista Travel Bag, you remove the wheels from your Vista, which is why it is so compact. But stroller wheels can be gross, so wipe them down first!
  • Ideal for all kinds of travel! We wanted the UPPAbaby Vista Travel Bag particularly for flying, but we were amazed at how much simpler it made packing the car. Tiny European rental cars are already tricky enough to pack, so this was so great. For our next road trip, we’ll definitely put the stroller in the travel bag instead of simply fold it into our trunk.
  • Don’t forget to register your gear! This is so so important!! Your UPPAbaby stroller needs to be registered, as well as the travel bag, or claims are not valid. It’s an extremely simple online form and it takes seconds to fill out, but it’s crucial.


After using the UPPAbaby Vista Travel Bag during our recent trip to Iceland, I swear by it for all kinds of travel. I only wish we bought it sooner, and I’ll use it again and again for simple road trips or International flights.

Emily is a Montreal-based writer and blogger, but most importantly, a mom of three littles (age five and under). She geeks out over cloth diapers, lattes, and will do just about anything to travel. You can find her on Instagram @emmorrice where she profusely overgrams pictures of her meals, kids and city. 

Emily Morrice

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