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Travelling with Baby

January 15, 2018

I’m normally the person that packs for a trip at the very last minute. I’m not even kidding when I say it’s usually the night before we leave. Now that we have Evie though, that has got to change. Nothing is last minute anymore. In fact, if we have to head out somewhere I need about two hours to get everything together to get her out the door. You moms (and dads) know exactly what I’m talking about. So where do you start when it comes to packing for a vacation with a newborn? This is what I brought.

UPPAbaby Vista– Yes, it may seem like a big item to bring with you but it’s so necessary. Actually, I didn’t really know how we would check our stroller for Evie but they make it really simple. You’re able to check your stroller at the gate so you’ll get to drop it off at the last minute. Another bonus is the fact that you get your stroller as soon as you step off the plane. We love how easy our Vista folds up and packs away. *Tip: ask for bags at the bag check to put your stroller and in if you don’t have a carrying case.

Soothers–  Soothers can be great for helping your baby’s ears from popping while on a plane. We also find them very helpful when trying to calm Evie down (I understand this doesn’t work for everyone). It’s good to have more than one in case you loose one while travelling and of course we know how many times they drop on the floor. Might be a good idea to have several for sanitary reasons and for your sanity. The Avent Soothie’s are our favourite. I actually didn’t realize they came in purple so I picked up a few of those before our trip.

Carrier– They say that having a portable carrier can come in handy when your baby is fussy on a plane. Just strap them in and walk them up and down the aisle to calm them down. Plus, I’m looking forward to wearing Evie for walks to the beach and a carrier will be much easier to get her around.

OVer Multi-Use Cover– I LOVE my OVer Company Cover. Seriously, I get so many questions about it and I can’t talk about it enough. Not only will I use this cover to help block Evie from the wind but I know it will help block the sun from her super sensitive skin as well. It’s great for nursing when I’m at the beach or in the mall. I seriously think that every mom should have one of these. Plus, they have some super fun patters and colours and they’re made by a local Canadian company from London, ON.

Swaddles– I can’t pack enough of these (especially when they’re on sale!). We plan to use our swaddles to keep Evie warm on those cool nights but we also like to use them as spit up cloths over our shoulders. I’m not planning to do any laundry while we’re away so I want to make sure I have more than enough of these for our trip.

Playard– Luckily there is a play pen where we were headed. We have a bunch of family that own condo’s in the area we’re travelling to so I won’t need to bring mine. If you’re planning on travelling with a toddler this is definitely something you should consider bringing with you.

Is there any other big items I’m missing? What do you plan to pack for you and your baby?

Happy travels!

Jaclyn Harper

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