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Tips for Working out while Pregnant

January 16, 2018

Keep fit and have fun, or so they say… But exercising during pregnancy comes with so many challenges.  Motivating yourself to get active (and STAY active) is hard work, but trust us – it’s so worth it! Exercising increases your body’s endorphins which can help with pregnancy mood swings… high 5 for that! Working out allows you to build up your endurance for labour and also strengthens your muscles to get your body ready for delivery (and improves post-pregnancy bounce-back – bonus points). It also prepares your body to bear more weight. Make sure to get your doctor’s approval first, but once you do – get moving!

Here are a few things to remember when working out while pregnant:

  • Start slow and don’t forget to warm up before you begin! 5 minutes of stretching is all you need to get your muscles ready and to increase your heart rate slowly to prepare for exercise. If exercising wasn’t part of your routine before pregnancy it’s ok to begin with low-impact exercises and then increase as your pregnancy progresses.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water before, during and after exercising. Dehydration can increase your risk of overheating, reduce the amount of blood delivered to your placenta and can possibly start contractions. So don’t forget to increase your fluid intake ladies!
  • Do what you can and listen to your body. Rest when you need to and don’t overstrain yourself. Even if working out was part of your routine prior to pregnancy, pregnancy hormones loosen up muscles and can increase risk of injury while exercising. Also, pregnancy weight can shift your center of gravity and play with your sense of balance so take it slow when trying something new.
  • Stop exercising immediately if you experience:
    1. Light-headedness
    2. Abdominal cramping
    3. Bleeding
    4. Severe Nausea
    5. Extreme Headaches
  • Make exercising fun and part of your daily routine. It’s recommended that women with uncomplicated pregnancies exercise 3- 5 times per week for 30 minutes in duration. Nobody says you have to do this alone! Grab a girlfriend and go for a walk. Nobody is going to judge if that walk is in a mall… and you chit chat the whole time… and you end up purchasing items that you didn’t intended to buy…

Get moving, you’ll thank us later.

In case you missed it, Tanya and our special guest, Carla from Carla Arges Wellness were on live on Facebook talking all about pre and postnatal health and fitness! Check out the video here:

We are LIVE with Tanya and our special guest, Carla Arges Wellness talking all about pre and postnatal health and fitness! Join us and ask any questions you have have and we will do our best to answer them live!

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