2018 Baby Talk

Three Month Check-In

February 15, 2018

When you look at your baby every single day (and I mean every minute of every single day) it’s hard to see how much your baby is really growing. To me, Evie is still my small little peanut. She can stand up in her Skip Hop 3-Stage Activity Centre but her feet still don’t touch the bottom. Well technically… her one foot just barely touches but you know what I mean. My mom popped in last Sunday and said WOW she’s really getting bigger. Of course I knew this but hadn’t really noticed it myself. So what’s different? How has she changed over the last three months?

At around two months old we noticed that Evie was much more alert. She could focus on items and follow movement. We definitely had fun trying to move around and keep her attention while trying to make her smile. When we figured out that her smiles weren’t just gas we couldn’t help but make silly faces and tickle her all the time. Those adorable little baby smiles are EVERYTHING! So what next? She started holding her head up extremely well (like really really really well) so we decided to try using her activity centre. It’s been amazing because I can finally get things done around the house and Evie can entertain herself. We actually have this awesome little circuit in our living room right now. It takes up the entire room but she loves it so we don’t mind. She sits in her activity centre which lasts about 10-15 minutes and then she wants out. Then we place her on her activity gym so she can roll around a bit. Oh that’s another thing that’s changed. She’s rolling!!! Now she hasn’t rolled without the pillow that comes with her activity matt but still… she’s rolling. After about 5- 10 minutes of that we move her to her swing. It doesn’t take long for her to fall asleep after her little circuit.

Over the past several weeks we’ve noticed that she loves looking at faces. They say that’s normal for babies at around three months. She can recognize our faces and our voices now which is pretty amazing. She also LOVES to smile and laugh. I can’t get enough of her baby giggles. I find when she wakes up in the morning she is just so happy. I’ve never been a morning person but now… I might have to say that’s my favourite part of the day.

I must admit, I’ve definitely googled “when do babies start teething”. Evie was drooling up a storm and biting everything in site. We started giving her some teething toys which helped give her hands a bit of a break. I read that sometimes ‘itchy gums’ can be the early stages of teething and we were going through itchy gums for sure. I’ve heard that letting your baby chew on a wet cloth can really help with that. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain yet so I know we’ve got a long road ahead of us.

Now back to her crazy growth spurt. Remember when I said I had a hard time seeing how much she was actually growing? Well, it hit me the other day. I was looking back at pictures of when she was just born and I couldn’t believe how skinny her legs and her arms were. She had chunky little baby rolls forming on her wrists and ankles. PLUS, I swear it felt like she was eating every hour on the hour over the past few weeks. In reality it was more like every two to two and a half hours but that milk was definitely sticking. I’ve been told that babies can sometimes cluster feed at around three months. It’s the sign of a growth spurt. If that’s true, we totally went through that.

One more thing that I absolutely love about Evie getting older is how much she talks now. Ok, she’s not actually saying any words yet but she’s cooing up a storm. She’s been making noises for a few months (and no, not just gas). Over the past week or so she’s been cooing for about five to ten minutes at a time. It’s adorable! I can see her trying to talk to us. Especially at bedtime. I can’t wait for her to say her first word (and I sure hope it’s mamma).

So to recap, here’s what Evie can do at three months old:

-smile, laugh, roll over, sit in her activity centre, coo, focus, recognize voices, recognize faces, chew on her hands, hold a toy, hold my finger (with a strong grip), watch tv (have you heard of little baby bum?)

How old is your baby? Anything exciting I can expect in month four or five?

Jaclyn Harper

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