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The Mom Files: 4 Months

January 1, 2015

Blog_MomFilesOh hai. Soooo, where did we leave off? Oh yeah, haha. Sleep. Well that’s gotten worse as we approach four months, le sigh. BUT, this post isn’t going to be about sleeping because I’m tired of talking about it so you’re most definitely tired of hearing about it. Let’s actually talk about what something else!

His eating STRATEGY, let’s call it, has all of a sudden turned to one of starvation. When he’s nursing he’s gone from arms at sides, body in plank position to Thrashy McGee and I’m afraid I’m going to lose the battle one day (ouch!). It seems when he’s thrashing that I can give him my thumb to hold on to and that stops him from wiggling around. So that was a couple weeks ago and now he’s changed again to something even more befuddling. He unlatches OVER AND OVER AND OVER again and I know he’s able to hold it, he just isn’t holding it. So then I’m like “Yo if you’re just going to play with your food instead of eat, then you’re done eating,” and I set him on the couch beside me and he gets mad because I took away his toy.

Two other new things he does is uh, clamp down with his gums and push against me with his hands. Score, my baby thinks I’m made of Silly Putty. BUT I AM NOT, and yowza when he’s eventually cutting teeth, NO CLAMPING (called biting at that point I guess) ALLOWED. So I unlatch him when he does that ’cause y’now, this food bag of yours is part of my body, dude. Then the third thing he’s doing is to grab a fistful of me when he’s nursing. We’ll just be sitting there, me happily watching Gilmore Girls and him nom-ing away and all of a sudden there’s extreme pain where there used to just be gently resting little fingers. Yowza. I have tried again giving him something to hold on to and that’s kind of working. Cringe. Sign me up for some Chewbeads.

SarahandH-4MosSomewhat related to the above nursing woes, is that he’s getting so much more active and it’s so cute. We definitely have to keep an eye on him a bit more as he has started rolling tummy to back, and will also kick himself off your lap (or kick you IN the lap, if you’re my husband) if he wants to. In the bath he’s determined to thrash himself off of his bath support so we basically need a poncho and rain hat to bathe him, or just get in the bath ourselves which is what I do nine times out of ten. His hands are always opening and closing and so my husband pretends to have conversations with him “in sign language” and I nearly die laughing every time. We’re starting to teach him a couple baby signs but it’ll be a while before he knows them: “milk” and “bath” mainly. He’s testing out his voice with some throatier noises that are pretty hilarious (not when he does them when he should be sleeping though), and he’s noticing his reflection (or my reflection, we’re not sure) in mirrors and the front facing camera on my phone.

In a couple weeks him and I have to take a flight to Alberta just the two of us. Cue panic. I’s a four hour flight and the longest he’s ever slept on me is two and a half hours. Which means at some point of the flight he will wake up screaming, and I will nearly tear my clothing to get him nursing as fast as possible. Every time he’s doing something loud and unpredictable, I just think to myself “what if he does this on the plane?” Like the other day he screamed around his meal time, I fed him and he screamed and screamed when he was full and then pitched forward and threw up DOWN my shirt. Like not down the front of it, oh no my friends, down the inside of it. There was a pool. I’m like, “well if that happens on the plane I might just as well immediately jump out the emergency exit.” Then there’s the new baggage fees, which means I’m going to try and cram as much in my carry-ons as possible, but then carting two carry-ons and a diaper bag and a stroller and baby through the airport alone… ugh. Probably worth the extra price of another checked bag. Bah. I read Alyssa’s awesome post about traveling with baby but are there any other tips?



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