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The Mom Files: 2 Years

August 13, 2016

Blog_MomFilesThis is two. Here we are, with a two year old. Do you ever stop to look back and think “what? How/when did that happen?” I remember when I was quite pregnant I would sometimes see my reflection in a store window and be all excited about a pregnant woman. Then I realized it was me.

SO, HI! It’s nice to be back and sharing about Harrison. I was reading old blog posts recently and got the itch to write about it all again. Well, here we are! So what is there to say? First, Harrison is still in daycare four days a week. They love him there, partly because he “doesn’t hit them” and is relatively well mannered. So… high standards for the kids all around.

2yrs-2He is going to BE IN A WEDDING in a few weeks – my brother’s wedding, to be exact. I’m anticipating disaster but a bag of snacks and plans B through F should do the trick. Which means his wispy mullet needs its second real haircut. Mom could do with one of those as well.

I wrote a long long time ago that Harrison likes people more than toys and this is still the case. At the time, being a first time mom and not being able to track down my crystal ball, I was wondering why my child wasn’t interested in anything. I see now it’s just because he likes to be with people. That doesn’t stop him being super shy and needing some time to warm up but he’s really a personable dude. This sort of gets in the way of him playing independently but we try and encourage him to make his own fun as much as we can.

He is finally starting to talk but communication itself is difficult. He answers questions, but he almost always answers ‘yeah!’ so that method of getting the answer cannot really be trusted.2yrs-1

Me: ‘Are you all done?’
Him: ‘Yeah!’ *keeps eating*
*stops eating, pushes away from table*
Me: ‘You look to be all done. Are you all done?’
Him: ‘Yeah!’ *grabs toast and continues eating*

It’s frustrating when your child doesn’t really talk until an ‘older’ age. It’s hard to know what he understands but doesn’t say, aside from things he points out in his books. And he won’t communicate when he’s “off” (tired, hungry etc), which I expect is the same across the board with lots of kids.

We’re at a point where we are constantly working on learning boundaries and what is ours vs what is not ours. This is a challenge in stores when he picks up something but then I say we can’t buy it. I give him ample opportunity to put the item back on the shelf or give it to the cashier or otherwise relinquish control, but eventually just have to take the item and put it back and it’s always an insane meltdown involving me carrying a screaming, thrashing child out of a store. It’s tiresome, and I’m not sure why he doesn’t do it to my husband.

He had allergy tests done a couple weeks ago and DIDN’T CARE FOR THAT! I mean, he hate all kinds of surprises – toenail cutting, fingernail trimming, and apparently allergy testing. I feel like I’ve had to hold my child down while a medical professional does whatever to him WAY more often than my friends with kids. Sigh. Anyway, he’s over his egg allergy and is only allergic to (of the ones they tested) sesame and chickpeas.2yrs-3We got him a doll stroller for his birthday and I’m *more than annoyed* at the marketing of these things to kids. It’s a doll stroller. My husband pushes a stroller, why does my son need an obnoxious pink flowered thing that’s obviously intended for/marketed to girls? But anyway, we got him a pink one because those were our options and boys can be pink too. He loves it, yessss! My husband and I have been quite sick this last week so Harrison’s been on his own mostly for playing while we die on the couch, and he’s been better with playing independently than usual because he can play with his stroller.

And that’s about it for current day with Harrison!


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