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The Mom Files: 15 Months

November 16, 2015


I’ve just cleaned up some serious beverage spillage from the coffee table, under the coffee table, the dining room floor, the foam mats and under the foam mats, and of course the baby. It was coffee, but the lukewarm variety. And it’s 8:30. Yawn. Good morning to you. I knew setting the mug there was stupid. I guess I’m glad he didn’t just bat the mug off the table, instead holding it by the handle and dispersing it everywhere.

14 months was my favourite. He learned so many awesome things. He learned to do so many fun things – most importantly, walk.

Blog-Harrison-WalkingThe whole first steps thing was great, and he took a few steps, a few times a day for about a week and a half. Then he really was like “yeah, I like this walking thing, I’m going to do it.” So now he walks, which means another HUGE transition in being a parent. These transitions nearly kill me and it takes at least two weeks of me being so frustrated and wanting to crawl into bed ALL DAY LONG before I finally adjust to him doing what he’s doing, and have an accurate picture of what’s expected (or possible) from me.

HarrisonWalkingAnd currently, what he’s doing is walking around everywhere and taking everything from its place and putting it where it doesn’t belong. Which I will get used to, welcome to having kids, right? And we will adjust our habits and the stuff in our house accordingly, but right now it’s quite frustrating. I’ve just piled everything in our downstairs bathroom and closed the door. “Honey, where’s the recycling?” “In the bathroom.”   Harrison also figured out the office door because it has a lever handle, so he went in there and took all the binders of my husband’s school notes off the bottom shelf. Gah. All day long.

Anyway, he’s learning so much and doing some super cute things. It’s been nice out so we’ve been going to the park and he finally enjoys it. He loves being anywhere where there’s a chance someone might look at him so he can wave at them. We go to the swimming pool once a week-ish and he floats around in his fish and waves at all the senior citizens enjoying the leisure pool. It’s a dream come true for him! He’s been eating really really well (read: a lot) lately – favourite foods consist of almost anything I put in front of him (like, what? Who are you, child?!) but most often a Mexican rice bowl,  grapefruit, and any kind of cheese as long as it’s not shredded.

Who the heck knows what’s happening with his naps. He needs one, but not quite two, but DEFINITELY not just one. So uh, every day is a bit of a guessing game as to how that’s going to play out. Nearly every post has some picture in it of him enjoying a nap, so here you go:

EnjoyingNapsOh, and he was both a tourist and an aviator pilot for Halloween:

HalloweenHarrisonWhat were your little ones for Halloween?

Until next time,




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