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The Mom Files: 14 Months

October 19, 2015

Blog_MomFilesWhoa. I’m not really in awe that we are already here, that’s just the word I hear all day from Harrison these days. Whoa. Whoa from his crib. Whoa from his highchair. Whoa right up in my face. It’s cute and I don’t even know if he’s really saying “whoa” or if he’s going for “roar” instead. I’m annoyed as I write this because I don’t really have a *ton* of pictures to share – my iPhone 5 is slowly becoming THE WORST (imagine that – when I got it, I was the coolest kid in town) and my photos are turning more and more to videos because the photos are always blurry. Also if you’re not a Calgary Flames fan, please just ignore that he’s wearing a Flames shirt in basically every photo. No they were not all taken on the same day…

Misc-pic-14mosHe’s learning things at an insane rate these days, I can barely keep up. One day he wants to eat with a fork, the next day he wants to climb the stairs. Then he’s making new sounds and shrugging. My in laws are in town so they interact with him all day in different ways than my husband and I, so I go upstairs to endlessly work on the bathroom renovation and come down and he’s onto something else. Currently he flips through a book and when he gets to the end, does his “all done” shrug, which he also does at the end of his meals. His little personality is coming out more and more – he’s a patient little guy who rarely gets frustrated when he can’t do something, he HATES to be left alone in a room, takes a while to warm up to people (but boy, does he ever warm!), and he would rather be out of the house than in it but, eww, not on the grass.

I am having a hard time working out his sleep, he seems to still need two naps but they are each only 45 mins or an hour. Then he goes to bed at 6:45 and sleeps until 6 am. I guess that all sounds fine if he would do that every day. Some days he wakes up crying at 5, some days it takes him forever to fall asleep for naps, I guess things are only ever consistent for a short time when they’re growing so fast. Here he is enjoying a nap >

NapHave I harped on how amazing a video monitor is enough? Get one. He’s not walking yet (he was 14 mos on Oct 2) but one of our neighbours threw away a walker and so I walked (GET IT?!) over and grabbed it, cleaned it up, set Harrison loose on it and laughed for a full week at his excitement. Then we took him to the park and he walked on the gravel road ENDLESSLY. He would probably have walked home if we hadn’t driven to the park in the first place. If you follow me on Instagram you were probably just like “OK WE GET IT, YOUR KID GOT A WALKER” because I couldn’t stop with the videos.

WalkerHe stands on his own for a bit at a time, and occasionally takes one step towards something before grabbing it or dropping and crawling. OHMYGOODNESS he’s just like me – if anyone tries to help or show him how to walk, he just screams and sits down. It’s all by himself or nothing at all. Jeepers, it’s a mirror. He loves to use his wooden stacking toy that he got for his birthday, (similar here) and his Plan Toys ball and hammer toy as well. He has 8 teeth and a couple of molars and some other molars are taking their sweet time coming through – a joy for all involved. And we also moved him into his size 2 Applecheeks. Sniff.

It’s really true what people say about “it just keeps getting better” because it does. I didn’t think that was possible when he was born but he really makes me laugh every day and is a ton of fun now.

Until next time,



PS. His recovery from his sickness is complete, for anyone who is wondering. We have another meeting with the hospital pediatrician in December but have been discharged from all other services. His weight is great and everything is super, mercifully.


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