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The Mom Files: 12 Months

August 17, 2015

One-year-CollageHold me, you guys. Hold me. Actually it’s ok, I’m ok. No I’m not. GET IT TOGETHER, SARAH. Ok, WHAT?! One year? How did that happen? In some ways Harrison’s newborn days seem like just last week, and in some ways they really do feel like a year ago. Or five years ago. Or ten years ago, buried in a murky fish tank that I’m viewing without my glasses on. Hashtag newborn sleep deprivation. Look at Cody the Alligator! He looks GIANT in the first picture and miniature in the second one!

So the previous few months have flown by. I guess I’ve been trying to take advantage of the summer and the fact that we aren’t in the hospital anymore.

11m HangingHe has 8 teeth now, which means corn on the cob is a sweet 30 minutes of time I can spend cleaning the kitchen while he whittles. Mr. Man has experienced a giant growth spurt where he ate us out of house and home for two weeks, then drained our finances because he needed a whole new wardrobe. Like the Hulk, only less green.

He’s sleeping pretty well at night, that is to say he sleeps 6:30-6:30, so that’s actually amazing, but it is hit and miss each day and each nap as to what he will do (he’s still taking two naps a day). I’m *somewhat* tired of him getting stuck in the crib every nap but don’t really want to get some bumpers to fix it, so therein lies my dilemma. Rather, HIS dilemma. He’s mobile now, crawling and pulling up, which means he’ll sneak into the camera’s blind spot (all the lolz, have I mentioned how everyone absolutely needs a video monitor because it’s hilarious to watch?) and reach through the bars and pull his dirty laundry out of his hamper. I’ll go in to retrieve him after his nap and there’s lies two mysterious onesies and a pair of shorts in his crib. And he’s just like “oh those? They were here when I got here…” Or he’ll just sit up and look me in the face through the camera, which is really nice when I want him to be sleeping.

11m SleepWe, of course, had a first birthday party for him, and what you see in the photos below was the FULL (yes full) extent of the decorating. The crown wasn’t even planned, it was a gift from our friends’ super sweet four year old and, by some miracle, Harrison tolerated it on his head for almost the entire party. We had an afternoon-through-to-evening barbecue and just put Harrison to bed at regular time, which is when people with kids started to leave anyway, and then people without kids hung out with us in the backyard. It was exactly what I wanted, and a really fun time. For everyone interested (read: nobody), part of my husband’s marriage proposal involved an Uno card, so I figured Harrison’s first birthday would be cute with a little nod to Uno. So there we are.  1stBirthdayOverall he’s a super happy guy but he’s in a phase right now that can only be described as “unable to cope.” I do believe it’s the beginning of toddler tantrums. For example, I lay him down on his back to change his diaper and all of a sudden he’s screaming and his face is soaked with tears. Ok, sport, it’s just a diaper change. Like, I’ll put the green one back on you if it means that much. He’ll start screaming while sitting in the middle of the floor doing nothing and nothing has changed around him. Or I’ll serve him chicken the way I’ve always served him chicken (in little squares) and, like the flip of a switch, it’s the end of the world and he’s screaming and the tears are coming and I’m just standing there looking at him, plate of chicken in my hand, wondering what my life has become. He does it too when he wants out of the cart in the grocery store, which I, by the way, TOTALLY appreciate. Hence, I take our Sakura Bloom with me EVERYWHERE because carrying him and pushing the cart and shopping is, shall we say, undesirable. But of course I love him to pieces and smooch him a zillion times a day amidst the baby tantrums.

How did you handle your babies turning one? Did you have a party with a theme? Leave me a comment!

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