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The Mom Files: 10 Months

July 17, 2015

Blog_MomFilesWhooooa, this is it, folks! The homestretch before one year! Have you been following the Mom Files since Hank was just a wee fetus? Drop me a comment and let me know!

So the last post was pretty, shall we say, heavy. This one will not be, I promise. Harrison is so much better, you’d hardly even know anything was ever wrong. Thank goodness.

11mos-1Harrison turned 11 months on July 2 and we spent his 10th month mostly in Calgary with family. He’s at a charming stage right now where he refuses to be held by anyone else. He’ll flirt and smile and engage people really well as long as he’s either sitting beside my husband or I, or he’s actually in our arms. I’m not sure if that’s a phase or his personality or maybe from the hospital, although I doubt it’s the latter, but it’s unpleasant. The impatient/panicked screech is what gets me. “Oh what’s that, Mom? You’re going to step away from me for a second to get me more food? OH HELLS NO. SCREEEEEEEECH.” And then I tear my hair out because my eardrums just burst for the thousandth time in a 24 hour period. Does anyone have any advice on that because it’s been months and is driving me INSAAAAAAANE. I wear him quite a bit but also need to put him down and prepare his meals and such and he just screams.

screechOur flights there and home were both pretty good. He slept a tiny bit on both flights. On the second one he wouldn’t stop pooping and I’m pretty sure the folks in the rows behind us thought that one of us had some kind of disorder because we went to the bathroom twice in a 20 minute period. One of us does have a disorder, it’s called DON’T POOP FOR THREE DAYS AND THEN POOP ENDLESSLY AT THE LEAST CONVENIENT TIMES DISORDER. I’ll let you guess which one of us that is. I changed him and was walking out of the bathroom and he pooped again. Like sure thing buddy.

We got updated family photos done, which weren’t all amazing, sadface, but we got a few good ones. 11mos-3He’s sleeping well but instead of waking at 7:00 like he used to, he’s waking around 5:45. We let him hang out until 6:00 but can’t really push it much further than that right now. ALL THE YAWNS. But hey, at least he’s sleeping right?!

He’s not crawling yet, although he certainly wants to, he just can’t put it all together. What that looks like is him sitting, leaning forward for a bit until he can get his knees and feet organized, being on his knees for half a second, dropping to his tummy, rolling to his back and, GUESS WHAT, screeching loudly for all around to hear.

Other than that, he “clap claps” a lot, says a few things that I’m not convinced he knows the meaning of and laughs at his own jokes and/or randomly laughs and we assume it’s at a joke he heard earlier. I’m still nursing him and he laughs to himself near the end of the nursing session. 11mos-2

While we were ‘home,’ he got together a number of times with his friend, Tyson, who is considerably more forward than Hank is, and actually crawled over and started sucking on Harrison’s toes while we were trying to take a picture of them in their matching outfits (above right). Whoops. He also got to go to his first Stampede breakfast in Calgary. And I nearly died from the cute. And his grandparents bought him a floating toy and turned the heat down in the hot tub to baby temperature. What a lucky dude 🙂

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