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The Honest Truth: Diaper Review

March 3, 2016

Blog_SubHeader_TakeCare_Diaper ReviewWe are kicking off a new series, The Honest Truth, written by a mom, who also happens to work at Snuggle Bugz, but was an “Honest Lover” far before being hired for this job. This series will focus on reviewing products from The Honest Company and answering any questions you may have. All opinions expressed are reflective of real experiences and trials of The Honest Company products and are dedicated to being honest and unbiased.

If I am presumably going to be giving any advice, tips or opinions, allow me to first introduce myself. I’m Katie, I work on the marketing team at Snuggle Bugz managing our Blog and many of our promotions you see featured in our stores and online at Snugglebugz.ca. I tried my first product from The Honest Company out in 2013, shortly after their launch in the USA. My daughter was less than a year old and my husband and I were  making conscious decisions about choosing products that were safe for her skin and overall well being. At the time, Honest products were not yet available in Canada but I had seen all of the advertisements, heard the buzz about these “free from harmful everything” products and wanted to give them a shot. Back then our Canadian dollar was much closer to par with the American dollar and so it was no sweat for me to order online and ship to our US postal box.

I started with a few small products, loved each one and eventually progressed to both a monthly Diaper Bundle and an Essentials Bundle, where I could mix and match my products and try out something new each month! Believe me when say that I have tried almost every Honest product, many of which are not yet available in Canada. I will be reviewing some of those products here in the future, discussing what I loved and what didn’t work for me, but today’s focus is on The Honest Company Diapers.

Blog_HonestTruth_DiapersWe exclusively cloth diapered our daughter, using a diaper service for the first 18 months of her life. I loved the chemical free diapering option of cloth but needed the convenience and hassle free ease of a diaper service to actually clean those diapers. When I decided to go back to work full time and she began day care, we soon discovered that carrying soiled cloth diapers back from daycare along with all of the rest of her baggage was not for us. I wanted to continue using a natural diapering option and really didn’t feel like the traditional disposable diapers were the right option for our needs (but no judgement here if they worked for you, it is all about what gets you through!)

I had used the Honest diapers occasionally when we were out and about or for a sleepover at Grandma’s but never full time. I was drawn to the cute patterns and plant based construction but given that they were winners in both the cute and safe categories, I wasn’t convinced that they would also be absorbent. Would these work for day and night wear on a  full time basis? I decided to give them a go, with the help of a bundle (which saved money over buying them individually and also came with the Honest plant-based wipes). The verdict? I LOVED them.

I had read and heard from others that they had experienced problems with fit and sizing, but I found them to be true to size and had no issue with fit whatsoever. My only experience is diapering a girl, so perhaps fit is different using them with a boy, but I can honestly say that the only time I ever experienced a leak was when it was time to size up. Perhaps with these diapers you are moving to your next size closer to the beginning of the suggested weight range, rather than in the middle when some people switch, but I just never found it to be a problem. These were super absorbent and even passed the night time test. I had overnight diapers on hand in case I was disappointed, but overall she woke up with full but dry to the outside touch diapers. I also didn’t experience that overwhelming pee smell that you sometimes get with unscented disposable diapers.

Other than reporting that the fit was great and they held in what they needed to, what more is there to review? The patterns were adorable and I resisted the urge on several occasions to take her out in public pant-less just to show off the cute prints. I found the Velcro to hold well (though if you open them with too much vigor the strips might rip off in your hand- I may be speaking from some Herculean experience on this one as well).  I have read other reviews where people thought the inside material was “scratchy” but I also did not find this at all. In fact, I challenge anyone to do a blindfolded comparison and be able to tell the difference between an Honest diaper and a traditional disposable (maybe this could be the new Pepsi challenge!)

Blog_HonestTruth_PatternsAll in all, I was extremely satisfied with my diapering experience with The Honest Company. When I found out that the products would be coming to Snuggle Bugz as one of the selected Canadian retailers I was over the moon excited and could not keep myself from telling everyone (both employees and customers) about how amazing the products are. We recently began selling the Honest Diaper Bundles at Snuggle Bugz to help make full time Honest diapering more affordable, and while they will likely never be the same price as your traditional disposable brands, they are not out of the ball park. (*cue the sounds of calculators computing the per diaper price*) With the crazy exchange rate on the American dollar and the shipping/customs fees added on top, buying from The Honest Company’s US website is just not a reasonable option anymore so having the ability to buy these in Canada is a GAME CHANGER.

The truth is, these diapers suit a particular customer; someone who likes an alternative option to disposable diapering, enjoys a whimsical design, values what their diapers are made with, and is willing to pay more for those choices. Maybe they are right for you and maybe they aren’t. If you were on the fence though and wondering if you should give them a try, I hope you will find these notes on my experience helpful. If you have any other questions or comments about Honest diapers, please feel free to leave them in the comments section and I will do my best to answer them.

Please note that this is my experience, all opinions are my own and are not endorsed or biased by The Honest Company. And that’s the Honest Truth. 🙂



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