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The First Trimester

March 24, 2014

Hiya everyone! It’s me, Sarah, your friendly Snuggle Bugz blogger. As you’ll guess from your first glance at this post, I’m pregnant. This is my husband and I’s first baby and was a bit of a surprise. We are excited and looking forward to how this will change our lives this coming Summer. And, without further adieu, here is a candid, no holds barred chronicle of my first trimester. If you have any good stories from your first trimester, please post them in the comments below! Enjoy!

Week 4
Where. Is. My. Period? I mention it to my husband who reminds me of that other scare that other time that turned out to be nothing. True, ok. Let’s give it a few more days. Even so, I skip the Gin slushie or whatever it was that he was offering to make me after dinner.

Week 5
Still no appearance from Aunt Flo so I stop at Dollarama and buy two $1 pregnancy tests. Pregnancy tests are expensive, yo. So these (honestly I only know about them because Samantha posted a picture on Instagram of her buying like, ALL of them) do the trick without breaking the bank.  We get home late-ish (for a weeknight) and I’m procrastinating until my husband announces he’s off to bed early, obviously not tormented in the same way that I happen to be. I stare at him and mention that I was just going to go and find out if we’re with child. I go upstairs and get it all ready, the cup, the eye dropper, ETCETERA. I do the deed and promptly leave the room. Because I don’t want to stand there and WATCH THE PINK LINES FORM (or not, right?!). I fiddle around in my closet for a while, hanging belts or moving hangers or doing some other stupid task that didn’t need doing, and walk back into the bathroom and stare at the test that’s sitting on the toilet tank. Two pink lines. What? I confirm with the box. I look back at the test. I stare into my future. The test. Back to the box. Back to the test. And so I begin my descent down the staircase to the living room where my husband is watching hockey highlights. I stand in the doorway for a five-second-long eternity before speaking. “It’s positive,” I say, as he looks blankly past me. “What?” he says and then bursts out laughing as though I was playing the worst, most-unfunny joke of all time on him. More things happen. More things are said. He stands up and we hug, and I cry.

Week 6
The first week knowing was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. To be fair, this pregnancy isn’t coming MUCH earlier than we planned – maybe 6 months or so, but is still crazy to process. I know lots about what to get the baby when they’re born, but not much about the whole pregnancy business. ESPECIALLY NOT the beginning. And why are my boobs 100lbs all of a sudden?! We decide not to find out the sex – neither of us debated in any way. Ok, good. So far so good on the parenting-team-front. I take a REAL $15 test, buy some prenatal vitamins, arrange to meet with a Midwife, sit on the couch and cry, am paranoid about what not to eat, go to bed an hour early, spend way too much time looking in the mirror in my bra and all I want is to call my mom. Christmas is in two weeks so we want to wait to tell our parents, because that’s really special, even if we want nothing more than to talk to them. Both sets live three provinces away so I dazily make a couple of cards with two stockings on the outside and a stocking on the inside saying “Coming August 2014” and stuff them in an envelope with instructions to open on Skype. Neither of them suspects it, so the receipt of the card flies under the radar. We had grandiose plans as to how to tell them until it actually happened, and the post office was a joke and it was the holidays and we were going on a trip and etc. So stocking cards it is. Please applaud my use of stickers, cardstock and a Sharpie.Card

Week 7
Still feeling good. Amanda at work is probably getting tired of my casually hounding her about pregnancy and baby things, but I ask her those things all the livelong day because she’s had kids and we work for Snuggle Bugz, so I don’t think she suspects I’m pregnant. Uh, I’m pregnant? Still weird. Also, who the heck is in the bathroom all the time?! Oh that’s me. Every time I get up to go to the kitchen or warehouse I’m all “hey, why don’t I do my bladder a favour while I’m here?!” Honestly. I thought that came later. APPARENTLY NOT. *takes break from writing to go to the washroom*

Week 8
Christmas Day. Ho Ho Holy we’re still pregnant. Are we? I don’t FEEL pregnant, except for aforementioned weight of my top half. I’m not a stranger to acid reflux and moderate nausea so I don’t know if that’s pregnancy or that’s just my regular existence. Either way, Tums seem to be handling it. Our parents open the cards over Skype and nearly pass out. My parents (the less animated of the bunch) were all wide eyed and all “Really…?!” and my husband’s mom cried while his sister was all “I KNEW IT!” and his dad was all “Wait, what did it say? What’s happening?! Let me see the card!” and then both our siblings remark about how the gift they got the parents is going to really suck now. Sorry guys. Also we’re in Kentucky after a giant road trip for my 30th birthday. Somehow I’m not as exhausted as I feel I should be. And am not complaining!

Week 9
Back home now, we meet with our Midwife for the first time and I honestly wonder what I’m going to wear for the next month until we’re comfortable spreading the news. I’m pretty petite to begin with so I wonder if anyone can tell. My husband and I can notice a small change in my tummy but realistically nobody is going to notice. Especially not under these flour sacks I’m wearing. So I get up and put on my dowdiest clothes every day and drag myself off to work. The warehouse is in the process of moving so my wearing t-shirts and hoodies is just seen as me being prepared for anything I may end up doing. Good job, Sarah. Good initiative. We are pretty casual at Snuggle Bugz anyway, although a hoodie is more casual than I care for on a regular basis. I refuse to discuss baby names until we’re in the second trimester, which is kind of killing us both. I appear to dislike every name ever (except whatever you named your child – that name is lovely), so I have no idea how this child will ever have a name. Sigh, that’s for another day. I’m so glad we don’t have New Year’s Eve plans. I couldn’t even KIND OF be social and energetic all the way until midnight.

Week 10
What? Week 10 is over? Life is starting to move again – I feel like it’s been stopped for the last well, 5 weeks. Not really telling anyone about the pregnancy is killing me but I know I wouldn’t want to give them all BAD news later so I’m ok to keep quiet. Sometimes at night I feel/look like I’m 5 months pregnant, and then I wake up and it’s all gone. Probably just bloating, although it’s nice to see what I’ll probably look like a few months from now. I realize my diet has been lacking on greens so I’m planning MANY A GREEN for next week.

Week 11
Ultrasound this week. Little Bun looks good, didn’t move ONE BIT while we watched him/her. But we saw the heart beating, which I didn’t know was visible in an ultrasound. Phew, I’m actually pregnant. We give our parents the green light to tell those around them. I’m sure Gmail and their phone providers crash from the volume. Just kidding, but not really.


Week 12
THE ALMIGHTY WEEK 12. Thank you for finally coming, week 12. I’m all weirded out about people finding out on social media before they find out from someone’s mouth so we have no immediate plans to post anything online. Conveniently the folks I wanted to tell at work are on some work trip in Austria so I’ll have to wait on that… Trimester 2, here we go!


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