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2017 Car Seats Events

Car Seat Day 2017

Save the Date! Snuggle Bugz Car Seat Day is taking place this Saturday September 16th 2017 from 10am-4pm!   Join us at Snuggle Bugz headquarters – 1040 Sutton Drive, Burlington.  Here at Snuggle Bugz, we believe that education is the key to car seat safety! Our goal…

September 11, 2017

Graco Important Safety Advisory

On May 14th, Graco issued a voluntary Safety Advisory in Canada concerning certain Graco infant car seats regarding combinations with the base and infant car seat that do not meet the injury criterion limits, specifically the SnugRide 22 Classic Connect Infant Car Seats. Please…

June 9, 2015
Car Seat Safety

Rear-Facing Car Seats, Why Do We Do This?

  The first time I held my first child in my arms I couldn’t believe it!  So tiny!  Those little hands and feet!  As a first time parent I was almost scared I would hurt our baby just by holding him and was ever…

May 26, 2011
Car Seat Safety

Child Car Seat Are All The Same, Right?

When working with parents I often receive the comment, “Car seats are regulated by the government so that means they are all the same, right?” I even hear this type of response from people who are trained in car seats, stating that it really…

May 25, 2011
Car Seat Safety

National Car Seat Safety Week

The focus of our car seat safety week is to spread the word and help educate the general public on issues surrounding car seat safety. We will be holding all types of events to help spread the word including a new blog series,…

May 12, 2011
Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Harness Tension – Too Tight?

Car seat harness tension is especially a big issue during the spring and fall when temperatures vary so much throughout the day.  Take today for example.  When I dropped my kids off this morning it was cold enough that they had to have coats,…

April 7, 2011