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Summer Pregnancy Necessities

July 20, 2017


You’re uncomfortable, you’re feeling large and in charge and it doesn’t help that it’s hot and sticky out. How the heck do you deal? I’ve got some tips and tricks for dealing with your pregnancy in the thick of the summer months and if you read to the end… I’ve got an embarrassing story for you as well.


This may sound like a simple concept but when you’re uncomfortable to begin with it’s that much harder. I know you know what I’m talking about. Ok, of course there are the basics like staying in the shade, wearing lighter colours and just flat out staying indoors on hot days. You already know that stuff though. How can you make cooling down fun? Well, I’ve got a few simple techniques for you to try:

  • Add frozen berries to your water bottle for a fruity refreshment or try adding berries to your ice cubes. I love the flavour this adds to my water and it makes me drink a lot more than I normally would.
  • Head to the lake! There are some amazing spots around the GTA to go for a dip. This can be really refreshing and fun on hot summer day. Just don’t forget to bring a cooler with drinks. Oh and FUN TIP put your sunscreen in the cooler so it’s nice and cold when you apply it.
  • Freeze your sheets!? Ok, I actually have to try this out for myself. I’ve been told that if you put your sheets in a freezer bag and place them in the fridge or freezer a few minutes before bed you can cool yourself down. Keep in mind, this isn’t going to stay cool all night but if you’re needing some extra relief it’s a cool idea to try.
  • Eat cool foods. You can freeze grapes for a yummy late night snack, have some frozen berries in your yogurt, make pasta salads to take for lunch, we know we can always use another excuse to eat ice cream and I personally love having some lemonade in the fridge. I’m no Martha Stewart and I definitely don’t brew it from scratch but I do enjoy a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime in my store bought lemonade.



If you haven’t already been told… you’ve got a lot more blood pumping through your body now that you’ve got a little human to nurture. Guess what that means? Most women can actually burn much faster because there’s more blood pumping near the surface making your skin more sensitive than normal. When you’re pregnant you’re actually more likely to suffer from heat rash and chloasma (skin patches that develop during pregnancy that cause discolouration on your face and body) as well. So, of course you can stay in doors, cover up, stay in the shade but let’s be real… you’re going to be in the sun at some point. I tested out Substance Natural Sun Care Creme SPF 30 from Matter Company and I’m loving it! It makes me feel good to lather in a chemical-free, unscented sunscreen and boy is it creamy. It’s got a really smooth texture when you apply it and you can see it go on. Don’t you hate when you can’t see where you’re applying your sunscreen only to find out when you’ve got burn patches? Not the case with this sun care creme. It has natural oils such as organic shea butter, sesame seed and jojoba which help to protect and moisturize your skin. Oh and it’s not just for mamma bear, you can use it on the entire family! I can’t wait to test it out on my little one.



Another great way to cool down and cool off (if your hormones are as crazy as mine are) is to just take a bath. If you’re looking for some new bath salts you have GOT TO TRY the Matter Company’s Substance Mineral Soak with Bergamot, Elemi & Tangerine and it’s heaven. Not only does it smell fresh it actually helps to rejuvenate your summer skin. It helps to relieve tummy dryness, relaxes stiff muscles and helped me with my round ligament pains. Matter also has a leg and back creme that I like to put on before bed. It said ‘anti-fatigue’ on the front so I had to try it out (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). It’s lemony fresh and great to start the day or to finish off a relaxing bath. We need a little extra soothing don’t we? My feet have actually been so swollen and sore because of the extra weight I’m carrying. Nothing better than a bath soak and some lotion to help with that. Would love to hear your remedies for relaxing. Please let me know in the comments below.



Ok ladies, you made it to the very end which means… you’re hoping to read my oh so embarrassing wardrobe malfunction story. I just hope I save you from going through this yourself. I’m just over 6 months pregnant now and I’ve been getting away with wearing my normal clothes. Not my jeans… those were out of the picture by about 14 weeks but I have some dresses and shirts that I can still fit into. I had a busy day of meetings this week and I thought “it’s too hot and there is no way I’m wearing my maternity jeans”. So I slipped into a dress that used to sag on me. It had buttons up the back and seemed to fit perfectly… I was wrong. After my very first meeting of the day I went to get into my car when a few of the buttons caught onto the seat. PIEW (that’s the sound of a button flying off)… I almost cried. I now had a gaping hole not at the top of my dress, not at the back of my dress but exactly where someone could clearly see my underwear. Yes, I panicked. I actually ran back up to my clients house to ask if she had a safety pin and luckily she helped tighten things back up for me. When I sat back down in my car the safety pin burst open. Definitely not one of my finest moments. There was a pin and I was sitting on it…. ouch! I drove to the closest store in hopes of finding something I could throw on. Did I mention that I had a busy day of meetings? So there I was… walking through the aisles with my blue underwear in full view. I think my face literally matched the colour of my red dress. I grabbed 3 dresses and ended up buying ALL of them. A girl’s got to have options. Not sure I’ve ever ripped off a tag to take to the cashier on the way out though. There wasn’t a chance I was walking around in my busted dress for another minute.

LESSON OF THE DAY: Invest in some loose clothing BEFORE you get into a situation like I did. Summer maxi’s, shorts, tanks… you know the summer essentials that could get you out of a pinch like the one I was in.

Best of luck staying cool mamma,


Jaclyn Harper

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