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Stroller Shopping – Here I come!

July 27, 2017


Have you started purchasing anything for your baby yet? Not sure where to start? Well, I’m in the same boat so stick with me and we’ll figure this thing out together.

The first thing I wanted to sort out was my stroller.  I was a little overwhelmed with all the different types out there so I popped into Snuggle Bugz as I knew they would help me out. They have a huge selection of strollers to test out, fold, and even try in your trunk! And thank goodness for their knowledgeable sales associates, with so many options, they definitely helped me navigate through the different types of strollers to really get down to what I need. There are jogging strollers, umbrella strollers, singles, doubles… the list goes on and on. But after speaking with Katrina at the Burlington store and trying out various strollers, I really had to ask myself  “What do I want out of this stroller?”.

Here’s a list of what I came up with:

  • A good every day stroller (I’m not a jogger… yet!)
  • One that isn’t too hard for me to lift
  • A stroller that can eventually fit two kids
  • Would love it to be able to attach a bassinet
  • A stroller that has adaptors for a car seat
  • One that’s easy to move around
  • Would like a bug protector (for summer walks!)
  • Stable enough to hold my diaper bag
  • Storage underneath


Once my ‘wish list’ was figured out, Katrina was able to point me in the right direction and we narrowed my choice down to a couple strollers…



When I was looking at the UPPAbaby Vista and the  Baby Jogger City Select LUX, I really didn’t notice a difference. Have you also been debating between the two? I asked Katrina a bunch of questions that helped me and will hopefully help you too.


One of the main differences is the profile at the very front of the strollers. With the LUX, you’ll find that the frame is a bit wider and the weight goes over top of the wheels. This can actually make it a bit harder to move things around but it can also hold more weight at the front of the stroller. Quite the opposite for the Vista. It has a narrower profile and the weight sits behind the wheels making it more agile. It also means that you can’t put as much weight at the bottom of your stroller. Why does this matter? Well, when you convert the stroller to a double you can have a heavier child in the bottom seat in the LUX. Let me explain the weight restrictions a little bit more.


To be exact, the LUX can hold up to 45 pounds in each seat. The Vista can hold up to 35 in the bottom seat and up to 50 pounds in the top seat. Both strollers require you to purchase either a second seat (for the LUX) or a rumble seat (for the Vista) to convert it from a single stroller to a double. They also both have the option to carry a third child by adding a piggy back ride-along board to the Vista or a glider board to the LUX. Pretty cool that they’re both capable of carrying three kids at once!



Another difference between the strollers is the fact that the Vista comes WITH a sleep rated bassinet. This allows you to take the baby directly from the stroller to the bedroom without having to move them from their sleeping spot or worse… wake them from their sleep! With the LUX you do have the option to purchase a pram as an additional accessory. The Vista also comes with a bug shield for the bassinet and a bug shield and rain cover for the toddler seat, these accessories are available separately for the LUX. It’s important to note though that there is about a $300 price difference between the LUX and the Vista which probably accounts for the additional accessories you receive with the Vista.

One super cool accessory I discovered for the LUX is the ‘shopping tote’. Trust me, you have GOT to see it for yourself!


When folded, the frame of LUX will not stand up on its own. If this is something that concerns you then the Vista might be the better option for you. This feature might come in handy if the stroller needs to stand alone when in storage or when loading the car.


Good and bad news for comparing strollers… car seats are able to connect to both strollers. This makes for an easy to transition baby from car to stroller and vice versa especially in those winter months!


Ok mamma, I’m not sure if this comparison has made your decision easier or harder as they are both AMAZING strollers but whatever you decide don’t forget to ask about ordering times as it can take about a month if quantities aren’t in stock and much longer than that if you’re picking a popular colour or model.

In the end, I decided to go with the UPPAbaby Vista as it comes with all the features and accessories that I’m looking for.

What’s the next baby gear to purchase? The car seat. Good news! We’ll be talking all about that in next week’s post.

Hope you can tune in for some more ‘Baby Talk’.


Jaclyn Harper

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