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Stonz Original Versatile Infant Booties

January 4, 2018

These Infant Booties by Stonz Wear Inc. are super versatile! Your little one can wear them over bare feet, socks, slippers or shoes, throughout fall, winter and spring! The Booties go on easily, stay on with two adjustable toggles, and keep wind and cold out. Comprised of a water and wind-resistant 600D nylon upper, inner fleece lining and skid-resistant coated soles for developing feet. For colder weather, layer up with a pair of Sherpa-fleece Linerz. So many fun styles to choose from!

Stonz Infant Booties features:

    • Size small, for 0 – 9 months old
    • Water and wind-resistant 600D nylon upper
    • Fleece lining and coated soles
    • Two adjustable toggles to provide a personalized fit
    • Soft, skid-resistant soles recommended for developing feet
    • Canadian Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Approval


Enter below to WIN one of 13 pairs of Stonz Infant Booties for your little one! 

Leave a comment in this blog post that answers the question “What is your family’s favourite outdoor winter activity?” and log in to the Rafflecopter contest below. Click “I commented” for your chance to WIN one of 13 pairs of Stonz Infant Booties, size small, styles vary. (valued at $43.99 each). Contest ends Sunday, January 7th at 11:59PM EST. Full contest rules can be found here.

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  • Leanne

    Skating and tobogganing 🙂

  • melanie

    I love taking my kids skating as there are plenty of outdoor rinks, and everyone takes good care of keeping them clean, and usable all winter. And sledding.

  • Susan

    going to check out all the holiday lights and drinking hot coco while out in the cold!

  • Jackie Emilson

    We love taking pics of the snow and ice. Taking pics of us outdoors enjoying this season

  • Rebecca E

    We love sledding!! But our all time fav thing to do is to walk around during the holidays and look at the lights! Wish Christmas lights could be year round!

  • Sandra Tang


  • Erin

    Our favourite activity is skating!

  • Rachel

    Building snow nen

  • Tannis W

    Making snow angels in fresh snow.

  • Shelby Lloyd


  • Hilary Lucyk-Chen

    We love skiing!

  • Ashley Cooper

    Snowball fights and building forts!

  • Heather Johnston

    I love these boots! I’ve been wanting to try them out for my soon to be new arrival!

  • Krista Meloro


  • Brittany

    Checking out the Zoolights with the family 💜

  • Heather Johnston

    Outdoor skating or skiing!

  • Sherri mathura


  • Megan Harris

    Sledding and skating on the outdoor rinks!

  • Slav Ka


  • Stefani

    We love sledding!

  • Jess

    I love using Stonz Booties on my 1st. We love going for winter walks!

  • Amanda Lynn

    Walking and playing with our puppy

  • Michele Parker


  • Andrea Warkentin

    We have a malamute so We love going for long walks in the snow in the forest checking out new trails!

  • Brandy

    We love to go tobogganing!

  • Ashley Burk

    Snowshoeing ❄️ Trail stomping 🌲

  • Maddie Doherty

    Tobogganing and ice skating!

  • Alyssa

    Making a snowman with my little one!

  • HE>I

    Pond hockey with the family! We even skate around with the stroller 🙂

  • Melody

    Sledding when it snows!

  • Jessica M

    Playing in the snow!

  • Alexander Lim


  • Jill Mitchell


  • Emily

    We love snow tubing! Well I do and I know my son would if he was allowed on the bigger hills. My husband likes snowboarding.

  • Nicole

    Shovelling the snow and going for walks

  • Sara


  • Charlene Tee

    We love building snow igloos and snowmen!

  • Jen


  • Amy Heffernan


  • Nicole

    We love walking the dog, using our sled, sitting by our fire out back to warm up after!

  • Natalie Annette Lariviere


  • Anne L

    We love tobogganing in our front yard ⛄

  • Pauline Lafrance Montague

    My family’s favourite winter activity is staying inside and baking cookies.

  • Kari Frank Barone

    Going for long walks, shoveling snow, and playing in the snow.

  • Saw

    Tabogganing down the hills

  • Romney Meehan

    My three year old loves building snowmen…in his Stonz! Would love a pair for my youngest!

  • Bernadette Rogelio

    Making snow angels! ❤️

  • Meagan Nelson

    Would so love to win. These are great

  • Michelle W.

    Tobogganing is our favourite winter activity!

  • Percy

    We love playing in the snow – making snow men, snow angels, and snow ball fights. 🙂

  • Florence Zevulunov

    We love walking in the snow

  • Jasmin

    We love to go tobogganing and build snow forts

  • Natalie Veneziale

    Even in the extreme cold I love going for walks.

  • Kaitlin O’Leary

    Walks in the snow and sledding

  • Megan

    We love sledding and playing in the snow.

  • Vanessa Cook


  • ToCo


  • Kimberly

    Playing in the snow ❄️

  • Christine Atkinson

    We love building snowmen!

  • Karli

    Skating and hockey in the back yard!

  • Kim D

    Can anything beat tobagganing? Well, maybe a light-hearted snowball fight or snow fort building… Actually, I think our favourite winter activity is just being outside in the snow!

  • Kristin Elizabeth

    Tobogganing and skating on the outdoor rinks!

  • Caroline Law

    The big kid likes to toboggan. But the little one and I like to cuddle up by the fire best.

  • Hayley Joudrey

    Outdoor skating!!

  • Melissa S


  • Elizabeth Wiggins

    tobagganing, building a snowperson, and snow fights

  • Shenine Stewart

    We like to go outside to play with our doggo best friend with baby in the sled. We also love nature walks.

  • Tesse Lynne

    Our family lives on a cattle and pig farm. We spend majority of our time in the barn! Our son is such a good sport about being bundled up all time but he’s gunna be up and running in no time! These booties would definitely come in handy!

  • C Spanjer

    My daughter is only a few months old, so right now our favourite activity is watching and observing slow flakes!

  • Lauren Bailie

    Our favourite activity in the winter is going for walks with our 2 dogs. I’m sure next winter will be different as we will have a busy 2 year old instead of a content 1 year old.

  • Megan Cockerill

    Playing in the snow

  • V Otterman

    Skating on the canal

  • Julianne Verboom

    Simply playing in the snow!

  • Mary

    We love tobogganing with the kids…followed by hot cocoa!

  • Nicole Leger

    We love going skating!

  • Carol Herzog

    Our favourite thing is skating on our new rink in the backyard!

  • Kimberley Norman

    Snowshoeing and sledding!

  • Jennifer P.

    My family’s favourite outdoor winter activity is sledding.

  • Stephanie

    We like to go tobogganing and skiing

  • Diana Gourley McGaughey

    Skating on our backyard rink!

  • Becki R

    Our little one loves being pulled in the sleigh

  • Janelle Scholman Vedder

    We love skating and going for sunny walks

  • Justine

    We love skating!

  • Jenny

    We love toboganning!

  • Jenna

    We love snowshoeing!

  • Heather

    Walks in the snow!

  • Melissa Siddall

    We love sledding in the winter!

  • Lindsey Policelli

    We love to go tobogganing together then back home for some nice hot chocolate to warm up!!

  • Heather Sullivan

    Now that our oldest is 3, we can’t get enough tobogganing on our neighbourhood hill!

  • Aly Milner

    We love playing and watching hockey!

  • Lindsay Bevilacqua

    Super adorable shoes!! Great for the teeny tiny ones

  • Alissa

    We love snowshoeing!

  • Laila Khimani

    WOW – would love to get a pair for my baby niece!

  • Brett Reid

    We love going to the cottage to do all the winter activities

  • writeanu

    Anu Chopra. We love sledding!

  • Ashley Philpott

    Our favorite activity is snowmobilimg!

  • Carmela Efstathiou

    We love going for walks and looking for bunny foot prints in the snow

  • Tina Hill

    Love doing most anything outside with the boys. Sledding, skating and building snowmen.

  • Pamela Larkin

    We love to go tobogganing!

  • Victoria Forbes

    We love going for walks as a family – our son loves riding in his sled

  • Colleen Aarr

    Playing in the snow in the backyard

  • Kim Watt

    We love to take our golden puppy for walks together!!! Sometimes I babywear and sometimes baby rides in his sled! Stonz would be an awesome addition to our walks!

  • Leann Marlene

    We love walking our doggy Angus on the trails. We all love the snow.

  • Catherine Almond

    We love to build snowmen and make trails in the snow for the dogs to run around in

  • Julie Brown

    We love to go for sleigh rides through the bush and look for animal tracks. Freshly fallen snow on the trees is so pretty.

  • Megan Verlinde

    Our family loves to go sliding!!

  • Sharon

    Tubing is our favourite family activity

  • Ashley Jenkins

    We love sleigh rides and building Snowman’s

  • Nic

    we love making snowpeople! 😉

  • Amy Wang

    We love taking the baby and dog for a stroll in the park~

  • Jenny

    Our family loves winter walks together in the snow.

  • BSBLover

    Our family loves building snowmoms, snowdads and snow babies!

  • Barb Carnegie

    Our favourite activity is playing in the snow together

  • Isha Minhas

    We love sledding and then having a bon fire with hot chocolate to warm us up!

  • Jodi Lou

    We love to go sledding! When the kids get a little older we’ll teach them how to ski 😊

  • Eva Lange

    We love to go for walks along the beach and look at the snow covered mountains.

  • Jocelyn Paprocki

    We like to build snowmen and forts

  • Shaya

    We love skiing!!!

  • sue maher

    we love to be outside making snowman and forts or walking

  • Stacy Nichols

    Making snowmen, and waking around looking at all the Christmas lights

  • Tracy Stevenson

    Winter walks and hikes!

  • Alyssa

    skating and riding the skidoo

  • Michelle Policelli

    We love to go skating and tobogganing!

  • Jessica Michnik

    Skating and sledding are the best.

  • Richelle Singer

    snow sledding is our favourite ♥️

  • Sarah

    Winter walks and sledding!

  • Vivian WH Lee

    sledding and just walking around the neighourhood!

  • Christina Eng


  • Ashley Jones

    Building snowmen and forts!

  • Jen

    We love to go snowboarding and sledding. I’ve already bought my son a little snowboard so we can start training him when he can walk!

  • Stacey Hardy

    We love to build snowmen and go sledding!

  • EMacLean

    We love to go out to sled or snowshoe!

  • BSBLover

    Taboggoning! It’s fun for all ages in our family! I think I’m the biggest kid when we go as a family! Great form of exercise too!

  • Natalie Brennan

    We love using our baby carrier and going hiking!
    – Natalie Brennan

  • Stephanie Sanchez

    Building Snowmen ⛄️ Annnnd then having hot chocolate 🍫 😁

  • Kristy R.

    We love to go sledding in our front yard. We have the perfect hill for it! 🙂

  • Julie Keough

    Ice skating!!

  • Wiggum Wong


  • Yuey Yan

    we like to just stay home and snuggle cuz it’s too cold outside

  • Colleen

    We love to go sledding!

  • Carolle Hall

    Love ice fishing with family and friends 🙂

  • Kerri swartz

    Cross country skiing with bub

  • Janna

    The babe is still young but would love to go skating and sledding!

  • Sarah p

    We love going sledding! It’s fun to see the smile on my daughter’s face.

  • Arikasmom


  • Natalie Lalka

    Ice skating then drinking warm hot chocolate!

  • Ashley Huynh

    Building snowmen!

  • Coadi Langdon

    Cross country skiing

  • Diana N


  • Silvia Demmy

    tobogganing or just taking walks in the snow

  • Caren Brown-Stockwell


  • Nefeli

    Walking the neighborhood in the snow marvelling at the Christmas lights with a Timmy’s hot cocoa. Such a Canadian moment 🙂

  • Brïttany Nycole

    Towing our boys in a toboggan!! Nothing cuter 🙂

  • Elissa Koornneef

    Love building snowmen and forts!

  • Jackie M


  • Jo-Anne Pfoh

    Slating and sleding

  • Andrea

    Teaching my son how to skate at the outdoor rink!

  • Lindsey Doepker

    Fisher we tried to Build a Snowman and then we’re going to try sledding later

  • Jenness M

    We love skating!

  • Michelle George

    Sledding and skating!

  • S Lynn Banks

    We love winter hikes.

  • Alison


  • Mallory Sprawson

    Sledding, or just going for a walk!

  • Jasmine Diering

    tobogganing, it’s even more fun brining the dogs!

  • Anna Dai

    building snow forts

  • Nicole

    Playing in the yard in the snow!!

  • Stacey

    We love to go sliding!

  • Jessica Burgess

    Tobogganing and sledding

  • Rebecca Barr

    Tobagganing and finishing off the day with movie snuggles and shot cocoa

  • Stephanie Yeung

    We play in the snow with baby while we watch our older one take her skiing and skating lessons

  • Adriana Tramontana

    Winter walks and hot chocolate!

  • Stephanie O’Neill

    We love hiking with our two Australian cattle dogs!