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Starting on Solids

June 21, 2018

I took Evie to the doctors for an appointment the other day. It was her 6 month check up (and she’s 7 months old #momfail). Doc said she should be having about 2 solids a day. I actually couldn’t believe it! We’ve only been feeding her a pureed vegetable/fruit every other day. It was time to step up my game.

Let me rewind to the very first time we gave her solids.

We were told that it was great to start with pureed sweet potato mixed with some milk or formula so about a month ago I baked the sweet potato and then pureed it up in our blender. I was actually shocked at how much baby food just one potato made. I mixed in some formula to make it nice and runny off the spoon, set Evie in her Bumbo seat and gave this solid food thing a shot. She didn’t really understand the spoon. In fact, she kept trying to grab it out of my hands to bite on it. You definitely need patience when you’re feeding your baby solids. Be warned…  it’s not 5 minute ordeal. I’d actually plan for about half an hour (am I crazy? Keep in mind that includes clean up… you may need to hose down your kitchen after this).  Ok, back to the story. I forgot to mention that this was at about 4pm. I figured that was far enough away from bedtime. I was wrong. She was up the entire night. Poor baby was so constipated. I felt so bad. I didn’t give her another solid until about a week after that. We tried carrots mixed with some prune juice and had a much better experience.

Fast forward to today, we had our doctors appointment 2 days ago and realized she should be having much more than we’ve been giving her. I think I was a little scared after the first trial and error experience. Regardless, the next day our 4Moms High chair arrived and we were ECSTATIC (well I was). I couldn’t wait to try out the magnetic table top and the magnetic bowls. Have you seen the video? To be honest, I’m not sure I really looked at any other high chairs after I watched that. When it arrived,  set up was a breeze. Literally, you pop the legs on and it takes 4 screws to secure everything. Evie was so much more comfortable sitting in her new chair waiting for her snack. The height is great too. You’ll find that some high chairs are much higher- almost counter top height. I can pull up a chair next to our 4Moms high chair or even tuck it right under our kitchen island. My favourite part? I can take the table top off with just ONE HAND! Impressive right? I assure you that you can do it to. It’s great when I’ve got Evie in one hand and I’m setting up her high chair with the other.

Would love for you to share some ‘transitioning to solids’ advice for new moms and dads in the comments down below. I always love hearing from you guys.

On the menu today: Broccoli.

Jaclyn Harper

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