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Spring Cleaning (with a little help from Boon)

May 3, 2013

If you are anything like me, once the warmer temps arrive I get in spring cleaning-mode. The purging and de-cluttering has finally started after the longest winter ever (sigh! I have never been more ready for warm, sunny days)!

I have a couple corners that I like to ignore – Kellan’s craft supplies is one of them – he has paint, crayons, markers all over the house that get shoved into a drawer or random bucket.

I saw Stash by Boon and thought it would be perfect to organize all of his things plus it is pretty stylish. It has many uses, organize your bathroom supplies or make-up but I thought it was perfect for kid items since it slanted so they can see all their items easily.

Kellan was excited to see ‘his things’ organized and wanted to start crafting immediately. I on the other hand, liked being able to grab one thing on the table and it was filled with everything he needed!


today is your lucky day – this guy is on sale!


I found one too many broken crayons while organizing – I knew I was hanging on to them for a reason – after some time on Pinterest we recycled them! 🙂




There you go! A good excuse to get organized and get your craft on! I thought they would make super cute party favors if you did them in fun shapes!

Happy Spring Cleaning! 🙂


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