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Spring Cleaning with Dapple

April 4, 2017

BlogHeader_DappleSpring is finally here! Let Dapple products help you with all your Spring Cleaning needs!

Dapple cleaning products are plant-based, baby-friendly, and specifically targeted to clean little ones’ unique messes. Every Dapple product is created from biodegradable ingredients and made without parabens, formaldehyde, and without synthetic dyes or fragrances.

We are happy to share all the product features with you and give you the chance to WIN a basket of Dapple cleaning products below.

Cleaning Dishes:

Natural Dishwasher Pods – contain a unique formula that keeps bottles and plastics clear. This fragrance-free cleaner made from plants and minerals blasts away milk odor and residue.

Naturally Clean Bottles & Dishes – this dish liquid is safe, natural and extremely effective at eliminating milk film and odor. Safely clean baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers and breast pump components with this award-winning green technology. Comes in fragrance-free or lavender and in convenient 1L refill packs.


Cleaning Surfaces:

Naturally Clean Toys & High Chairs – with this incredibly gentle and pure formula. It safely and effectively gets rid of stubborn “leftovers”.

Naturally Clean Nursery – this nursery cleaner contains sweet lemon and grapefruit essential oils to purify and freshen baby’s nursery. Quickly and effectively clean change tables with a natural fresh scent.

Naturally Clean Bathtub –  a tub & tile cleaner that removes soap scum while being hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Works for plastic baby tubs as well as ceramic baths.

Naturally Clean Everything Wipes  – use this all-purpose cleaner to remove gunk, grime and sticky fingerprints. This non-antibacterial formula uses green technology and natural ingredients to clean all surfaces.


Cleaning Laundry:

Naturally Clean Baby Laundry – made with ultra-mild ingredients, this safe natural detergent is perfect for laundering newborn and toddlers clothing. It’s enhanced formula can be used on cloth diapers as well.

Natural Baby Laundry Detergent Pods – are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. These safe and effective laundry pods are also free of brighteners and softeners and suitable for HE or standard machines.


We want to help you with all your Spring Cleaning needs so we are giving away a Dapple gift basket to one lucky winner.



Leave a comment in this blog post that answers the question “What do you like the best about Spring?”  and log in to the Rafflecopter contest below to click “I commented!”. Contest ends Friday, April 7th at 11:59PM EST. Full contest rules can be found here.


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  • Alexandra David

    I love spring because I know winter is over and I can start planting !!

  • Jenna D

    I love seeing all of the flowers start to pop up and getting out for bike rides and hikes again! There’s nothing like the warm sunshine on your face after a looong winter 😉

  • kaytiz

    The thing I like most about spring are the longer, sunnier days!!

  • Jocelyn Paprocki

    I love the smell of fresh flowers and the sound of birds in the morning 🙂

  • Isabelle R

    I love being able to open up all the windows and do a deep clean of the house!! Also spring walks with the babe and the pup!

  • Shirley G-k

    I love spring as it means we get to see lots more of the warm sun, we get to go outside to play with our kiddies at the park or jump in puddles on rainy days. The vitamin D just puts more smiles on everyone’s faces – we love it!

  • Michelle Furnis

    I love the sound of birds singing in the morning and opening up my windows to allow the fresh air in.

  • Megan Jayne Lunn

    I love the smell of spring, and how our community comes out from hibernation.

  • Stephanie

    I love the brighter warmer days and that smell of spring air. Rafflecopter entry as stephanie moy

  • Tanya N

    Definitely the flowers!

  • Jenn Vang

    I love the warm weather!!

  • Tennille Fraser

    I am in love with not wearing bulky clothes anymore!

  • Candice G

    I love playing outside with my little ones♡

  • Sarah Letto

    Everything beginning to bloom in the warm weather!!

  • Ashley

    The sun coming up while still in bed, the sound of birds and the motivation I seem to have, which is missing in the winter.

  • Erin

    I love that after many rainy gray days, the sun finally comes out, and we can spend so much time outside!

  • Kim Cayford

    I love planting seeds and flowers with my kiddos:) they get so excited to see how we can grow our own flowers and veggies and fruit!!!

  • Krisy Yu

    I love spring because that’s the season where there’s new life everywhere!

  • paula

    Warmth, sunny days, and flowers 🙂

  • Chrissy

    Fresh smell of spring!

  • Jenn

    I love spring flowers

  • Soni

    I love the flowers and that trees become leafy again. And indoor snuggles when it rains <3

  • Stephanie

    Just being able to open my windows in the house and breathe fresh air again!!! Love the warmer weather!! Cannot wait!

  • Rae Desaulniers

    Best thing about Spring is the fragrance of flowers filling the air!

  • Leslie Lavigne

    I love the sounds of the animals coming back around – the birds chirping, frogs croaking, etc. 🙂

  • Jasmine D

    I actually love cleaning the best! Sorting through everything, reorganizing, it helps me feel decluttered and ready to take on new activities

  • Jacqueline Man

    I love Spring cleaning, Spring weather and the Spring blooms 🙂

  • Jacqueline Kabanov

    I love the new beginnings. New growth. Beautiful spring temperatures

  • Gillian Moore

    I love days spent outside with the kids, and picnics lunches on the lawn.

  • Chelsea Dawn

    I love the cherry blossoms

  • Nic

    I love spring because the weather is getting warmer and the flowers are starting to bloom!

  • Jen

    Everything comes alive in the Spring! It’s a time of renewal and you can’t help but feel energized by the fresh air!

  • Lyndsay

    I love the warmth and smell!

  • J. Worth

    To me, the best thing about Spring is the longer days, crisp fresh air and the new blooming flowers!

  • Ashley Mahe


  • Marie-France Tremblay

    Love finally opening the windows!

  • Mary

    I love spring flowers and the longer daylight!

  • Tegan Hsieh

    Wearing flip flops again!!! Hehe!

  • Shade Oluloro

    I love being able to go outside for walks and observe nature. It’s much needed after being stuck indoors all winter.

  • Priscille

    Not having to shovel snow 😀

  • Jennifer Jacobs

    Baseball comes back! Go Jays Go!!

  • Beverly Gail Urcia

    Warm weather!

  • Kristina Weiman

    I love watching my kids enjoying splashing in puddles (and then all the laundry after!).

  • meghan

    love the new growth

  • Joanna Arellano

    Love the promise of a fresh start even though it’s past the beginning of the calendar year!

  • Katelyn

    I love the weather getting warmer, starting my gardening and watching everything grow.

  • Brandy

    I love spending more time outside with the kids and finally being able to keep the windows open.

  • I love warmer weather and finally colour!!! Green is my favourite colour and spring never disappoints.

  • Lucy

    I like the warmer weather!

  • Marierose

    I love the longer days and warmer weather!

  • Elizabeth

    The birds chirping outside our window, added sunlight and the warmer weather! <3

  • Tara

    Fresh air, open windows, and spending more time outdoors with my family.

  • Jenna

    With spring I love the freedom to be comfortably grounded in nature anytime we choose…

  • Amanda

    The dog park opening up, opening the windows, fresh flowers, BBQ’s but most of all this Spring we will be looking forward to the arrival of our first child, Claire, due May 28th!

  • Amy Wang

    Not having to shovel snow

  • Carla Gomez

    The amazing flowers that start to bloom!!! Nothing says Spring like tulips 🙂

  • Catherine

    Love spring flowers

  • Lauren Cynthia

    Bright spring colours and getting outside.

  • Kris

    The sounds of the birds through the windows that you can FINALLY open again!!

  • Aviva

    Finally seeing the buds in the yard make an appearance!

  • Meredith

    I like staying outside all day in the warmer weather!

  • Joanna

    Planting and evening fires! Also keeping the house a bit cleaner by being outside with the kids more!

  • Donna

    I love the longer days in spring.

  • Susan

    I love the flowers that pop up during like daffodils.

  • Chris

    I love the weather in spring the most.

  • John

    I love the spring showers.

  • Brittany Reifenstein

    The flowers starting to bloom!!

  • Kerri Ptaszynski

    Seeing the Robin’s return!

  • Janet

    The longer days, the flowers starting to bloom & the weather starting to become warmer! ❤️

  • Rena

    The warmer weather and that the kids get to play outside!

  • Nikki ‘Terina’ Moorhead

    The first flowers opening up for our bees!

  • Chantal McGraw

    The warmer weather and everything turning green and growing.

  • Estefany Alaniz

    Nice weather so we can go out for family walks to the p

  • Estefany Alaniz


  • mlynes

    Forgoing boots ; )

  • Maritess

    Warm weather without the mosquitoes.

  • Christina Delgado

    My favourite thing about spring is the days start to get longer 🙂

  • Anita Delaquis

    I love the longer and warmer days.

  • Jess

    My Favourite thing about spring is not having to bundle the kids up to go outside!

  • Margarett Lee

    The beautiful spring flowers of course.

  • Stephanie W

    I love the end of winter and seeing the signs of new life everywhere!

  • Alexander Lim

    Love the warmer weather!

  • Tannis W

    I love the warmer weather and green grass.

  • Carol

    Warmer weather and flowers blooming

  • lynnclayton

    Warmer weather and sinning birds

  • ami bruce

    I love the flowers popping up, green grass and being able to hang my sheets outside!

  • Gillian Morgan

    I like the weather getting nice and being able to get out.


    I like to see all my spring bulbs popping up in my gardens

  • Jonnie

    I like being able to open the windows and let the fresh air in

  • Shelby

    The best part about spring for us in the north is that we finally get rid of the snow 😉

  • Michelle

    I like being able to get out and enjoy the nice weather with my daughter.

  • lisa bolduc

    I love not having to put on 12 layers just to get out

  • Andrea Amy

    I love being able to open up the windows and airing out the house. I also love being able to wear sandals!

  • Stefani

    I love the colours of the blooming spring flowers.

  • I like that the days get warmer and longer and that the birds start to sing. Thanks for giving.

    Besos Sarah.

  • Lisa Ferris

    I love it when the snow melts and the flowers start to peek out of the ground! The days getting longer is also wonderful!

  • Rebecca Vis

    I just LOVE when the weather starts to get warmer, it starts to stay light for longer, the grass turns green and my daughter can play outside!

  • Richard Yu

    Seeing the flowers bloom and the daylight hours getting longer!

  • Nadya

    Spring is about all things new and fresh: the flowers opening, the trees blooming, the smell of fresh grass and sunshine on your face. Love the smell of clean laundry and finally being able to hang things outside to dry:)

  • Shannon

    I love being able to get outside more in the Spring 🙂

  • Jessica

    Puddles and running water!

  • Stacey Jeffery

    Spring cleaning 🙂

  • julie_bolduc

    I love spring cleaning it boosts my mood