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Spice up your… Diaper Bag?

August 10, 2017


Obviously when you think about a diaper bag you think about something that needs to be practical. It needs to be easy to carry, has enough room to fit what you need, preferably wipeable on the inside and organized. Well at least that’s what I was looking for anyways. Style wasn’t even on my list! Well these days, you don’t have to settle for something that makes it look like you’re going away for a weekend getaway. You can actually find diaper bags that are super stylish, trendy AND functional. I’m talking about diaper bags that seriously don’t even look like diaper bags! The best part about that is the fact that you’ll be able to use them and want to use them after your baby has grown out of the baby stage.

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Who would have thought that diaper bags would become a fashion accessory!? It’s time to start thinking about your style when you’re making your decision because you’ll be using this bag every single day (unless you decide to buy a few… why not?). I decided to have a little fun with this post and compare some bags to a girl group that I grew up listening to. Would love to know which ‘member’ you relate best with in the end. Leave me a comment down below.

Sporty Spice

Are you looking to have a bag that is sporty and functional? Try out the LUG  line. Great for a diaper bag or a quick trip to the gym. When I worked at The Shopping Channel I remember meeting the creators of LUG. Did you know they’re Canadian? Their bags are known to have AMAZING organization so if you’re someone who likes to be very very very tidy and organized…. bingo!

Posh Spice

One of the lines that I’ve been drooling over since day one was the Oemi line. Talk about high fashion, functionality and practicality. I seriously love these bags. They look like purses and I’m not even kidding… I’d buy these bags to use them for just that. They do come with a bit of a higher price point but they’re genuine leather. They feel amazing, will wear extremely well and they are so insanely comfortable. Other diaper bags that you would never know are diaper bag is the Rotunda Bag and Brookside Tote from Little Unicorn. I highly recommend trying these on in store.

LU bags

Scary Spice

Maybe you’re a trend setter. If you want something super stylish for mom and baby I’d recommend the Ju-Ju-Be line. What I noticed about this line was that it had some really fun patterns inside and out. Trendy on the outside and very practical on the inside. They’ve got great compartments with an adorable lining that’s super wipeable too. Whoop Whoop! They have several fun and flirty designs to choose from and definitely a bag for every baby’s need.

Ginger Spice (fresh from the garden)

If you’re someone that likes to focus on sustainability and live an environmentally conscious lifestyle, than the Green Label Neckline Bag by Lassig is the one for you. It’s pretty amazing that they make these bags from recycled PET bottles so that natural resources are consciously spared. They’ve got an amazing design and TONS of storage compartments. I tried this bag on at Snuggle Bugz and found it to be super comfortable as well. Definitely worth checking out.


Baby Spice

Let’s talk backpacks, they’re very “in” right now for diaper bags plus depending on which you get Dad can wear it too! On trend or not, I decided awhile back that I was going to invest in a backpack as my diaper bag. I know I’m going to be carrying my baby in one arm, a car seat in the other and I just figured… a backpack seemed so reasonable. If you’re like me and you’re looking for some great backpack options Skip Hop has a few including a sleek vegan leather Greenwich backpack that comes in a beautiful dusty rose colour. I also had a hard time picking between the TWELVElittle bags. They have a 3-in-1 Foldover Tote that you can carry as a tote or wear as a backpack or messenger bag. They also have a Companion Backpack that is super cute and uber comfortable.

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One of the main reasons that I love backpacks so much is because they are extremely unisex for Dad’s. My husband would definitely be carrying this around on several occasions and no one would even know it was a diaper bag. This is a major factor for me when choosing ‘our’ diaper bag cause it’s not really just for mom right?

So… which Spice Girl I mean Diaper Bag, did YOU end up with? Let me know down below 😉


Jaclyn Harper

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