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Should You Take A Babymoon?

December 6, 2018

With the birth of your child looming and all the expenses, stress, and added work that comes with such a momentous occasion the last thing you probably think you can justify right now is some solid time away with your partner. Taking a babymoon is a relatively new and rather luxurious habit of Millennial parents, but it might actually be the best thing for expectant parents, and you don’t have to spend a fortune either!

The point of it all

A babymoon is one last hurrah before baby comes and your lives change – for the better – forever. Untold joys lie ahead, but you will miss the ease of time together with your partner, for yourself, and of course sleep when baby arrives. A babymoon is meant to give you all of those things! Enjoy sleeping in, staying out late without the worries of a babysitter, and doing whatever you want with no distraction during this little getaway. It can be a weekend staying local or a destination trip for longer, but wherever you go the objective to connect with your partner and rest can be accomplished.

Choose Your Timing

One key aspect of planning any travel when pregnant is your and baby’s health. Typically the best time to plan a getaway is during your second trimester when baby’s health has been verified and you are hopefully feeling more yourself (and maybe even with that energy boost some women receive after 12 weeks). Before taking any long drives or flights, discuss with your doctor. Pregnant women who are susceptible to blood clotting shouldn’t take car trips longer than a couple of hours, and it’s not advisable to fly during your third trimester, but your doctor knows your case best so check with her.

Making it Work

We all have excuses why we can’t fit in a babymoon before baby arrives, but the solutions might be easier than you thought.

No budget? Make it a staycation! Disconnect from your phones for a solid weekend, stay in bed all day, and treat yourself in a small way such as take out or a meal kit delivery service.

No time? Even making the most of your weekends can count! Try to time your babymoon for when you already have some time off work, such as a three day weekend or over the holidays.

Other kids? Ask family or close friends to watch them, or consider a spin on the babymoon and make it a familymoon! Spending quality time with your older children before the baby arrives is also a top priority and they’ll love making memories with their parents before their younger sibling arrives.

Nerves? It’s understandable to be worried when travelling pregnant. Choose a destination near excellent hospitals (think urban settings over third world resorts) and bring any prenatal information with you in case if an unplanned hospital visit. Your doctor can help you with any ultrasound copies and other pertinent information.

For your whole pregnancy, and likely before that, your minds have been focused on baby. It’s natural to be consumed with the questions and anticipation that come with that positive pregnancy test, but it’s so important to value your relationship with your partner and practice self care. A babymoon is an excellent way to re-prioritize your marriage and your own well being before the big event! I highly recommend them for all future parents!

Emily Morrice

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