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Safety Series: Stroller Safety

June 2, 2016

babysafetyseries-header babysafetyseries-subhead-strollersafetyWhen shopping for a stroller, there are a number of things to consider, and safety is at the top of the list. Strollers that are on the market these days are safe for your little ones, providing you buy the right one for your lifestyle and use it according to the manual. Let’s chat about stroller safety, shall we?!

Age Appropriate

Strollers, as a whole, are not designed for infants under 6 months. The exception to this is the strollers that will accept a car seat either because they are the same brand or because you have purchased the correct adapter for your stroller and your car seat. Some strollers have a bassinet attachment that is also convenient for this first six months. Do not put your infant in a traditional ‘toddler’ stroller seat as they do not have the head or body control for this upright position.

Apply the Brakes

Always put your stroller brakes on when you stop and are going to do something else. For example, loading/unloading groceries, getting the car door open, loading the basket of the stroller etc. I even put the brakes on when I’m waiting as a pedestrian at a stop light.

Careful with Bags on the Handles

Many strollers, my City Select included, state right on them to not hang bags on the handles, yet this is a very common thing to do. I’ve always preferred to jam the bag and whatever other belongings I’ve collected into the basket underneath, although I understand that the basket is harder to access if you have two seats on the stroller. I’ve seen many strollers tip over backwards because the bags were so heavy. If the stroller company says don’t do it, there’s probably a reason.

BlogImages_StrollerSafetyBuckle Up

A couple years ago I read a new story about how a bike trailer (I think it was a Thule) was hit in a crosswalk by a vehicle and the two kids inside were ok because they were strapped in properly! The buckles are there for a reason!

All Clear When Folding

Make sure that your toddler isn’t poking around when you’re folding up the stroller. The folding of the stroller becomes muscle memory and little hands can be quick. Take a second glance if they’re around when you’re folding.

Right for the Terrain

Don’t try to tough it out on a trail with an urban stroller. If you know you’ll want to use your stroller on rougher terrain or for jogging, make sure you equip yourself with the right gear. The larger wheels of a jogging stroller will ensure easier navigation on a trail as well as a smoother ride for your child.

Wrist Strap

If you stroller comes with a wrist strap, put it on whenever possible – especially if jogging.

Register your Product

And finally, ensure your child’s ongoing safety by always registering your products when you purchase them. Most larger baby products like strollers, car seats and highchairs, among others, will come with a registration card. You can usually register online as well. This allows companies to contact you in case of a safety advisory or recall.


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