2016 Safety Seasonal

Safety Series: Spring Cleaning

March 29, 2016

Baby Safety Seriesbabysafetyseries-subhead-springcleaningAnd just like that, spring has sprung! Spring cleaning can have a truly wonderful effect – and be completely exhausting. It’s like the nesting phase of pregnancy but without all the cooking in pots the size of your torso. Just me? Ok then.

When you’re cleaning/tidying up, you need to make sure your little ones are safe during and after the clean! Find some of our helpful safety tips below!Blog_Dapple_CleanLadders and Step Stools
I’m not sure what age your kids were when they started climbing. Harrison started doing that before he was walking, as lots of babies do. But an unattended step stool would be like an amusement park for him. Make sure to fold up step stools and place ladders out of sight/reach of your little ones, even if you’re just leaving the room for a second.

Boxes and clutter
You have to make a mess to clean up a mess, right? I know there are those areas in the house that tend to collect clutter, or areas you always seem to put things when you’re cleaning up. Be careful of those things as it could impede your child’s access to a safe up/downstairs route (if you’ve placed things on the side of the stairs for example) or could also just plain be a tripping/safety hazard.

Proper ventilation
Protect your little one’s lungs! Always make sure you are opening windows where you can and turning on the overhead fans in the house. Careful with that last step if you’re using a spray or aerosol, of course. Close their bedroom doors and open their windows if possible to keep the smell out or air out the room.

Blog_Spring_CleaningFriendly Cleaners
There are many cleaners out there that are much friendlier for our little ones (and pets) than the standard products adorned with the skeleton hand or the skull and crossbones. Whether it be for surfaces, toys, bathrooms, laundry, there are products out there better for our environment and better for ourselves than the big bleachy brands you’ve grown up with. Dapple, Laundry Tarts, Buncha Farmers and Aleva Naturals all have great products that will clean without the damage.

Getting your yard ready for spring while your little one explores outside is great, but always make sure your gardening tools are safely tucked away. Keep in mind our little toddlers are also not the most experienced walkers yet. I don’t enjoy stepping on a garden trowel on the best of days and I’m a veteran walker.

Try to keep a handle on allergens by vacuuming regularly, especially the rugs and carpets near the doors.

Do the mopping while the little ones are out of the room, if possible. As I mentioned above, they aren’t the most experienced walkers. When I mop the kitchen, I either put up the two baby gates we have or I do that while Harrison is napping or down for the night.

Above all, just be aware of your surroundings and your kiddos, which I know you do already. Do you have any suggestions for spring cleaning safety tips?


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