2013 Furniture Get the Look Nursery Styles

Rugged Looks

March 28, 2013

Finding the perfect nursery rug can be tricky – too big, too small, just right? Wait… that’s chairs. Well, the same applies for rugs. Here are a few of our favourites. Which one do you like the best? I’m always drawn in by the green that’s in the middle but then I love a round rug as well. I’d love #3 in round. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to track down my own personal rug maker…

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  1. Dwell Zig Zag Rug
  2. Kids Line Hotel Rug – Green
  3. Kids Line Sweet Songs Rug
  4. Dwell 5’x8′ Rosette Blossom Rug
  5. Dwell 5′ Round Rug (Woodland Tumble)
  6. Kids Line Bumper to Bumper Rug
  7. Dwell Tree Multi Rug (5’x8′)
  8. Dwell 5′ Round Rug – Rosette Blossom
  9. Dwell 5’x8′ Rug (Woodland Tumble)

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