2013 Potty Training Product Reviews

Prince Lionheart weePod Basix

July 4, 2013

Is your child starting to show signs that they are ready to potty train? Do they have frequent “dry times” that last two or more hours? Are they able to pull their pants up and down on their own, and are interested in sitting on the toilet? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, your child is probably ready to venture into the “Potty Training” stage.weePOD Basix  - Berry Blue-ontoilet

Do you remember the stage in your pregnancy when you were humming and hawwing over which stroller to choose because there are so many? Choosing a potty seat (while significantly less expensive) is similar in the fact that there are SO MANY to choose from. I too have been overwhelmed by the choices out there, so hopefully this post will help you!

I did a lot of research into potty seats when my oldest (now six) was ready to potty train. I knew I wanted something that would sit directly on the toilet. I never understood the potty seats that sit on the floor … the child does their business and you dump said business in the toilet when they are done. If you are training a child to go to the toilet, why not train them right on the toilet that they will be using for the rest of their life? My personal opinion: skip the middle step. It will save time.

This week, I was doing some research on the potty seats that we carry and came across the Prince Lionheart weePOD Basix. Most of the reviews I had read on other websites were positive, so I figured for the price, ($19.99) what could go wrong? After taking it home and trying it out with our newest little Potty Trainee, the things I love most about this seat are:PRweePODBasix

  • It’s so squishy! Seriously, I wish all toilet seats were made of this material!
  • It’s one piece, which makes cleaning easy. The germ-o-phobe in me LOVES this!
  • It has suction cups that stick to the toilet seat with little force. I was surprised how well they stuck when all I had to do was place the seat on the toilet.
  • It stands on its own! No hooks to hang on a door/wall when it is not in use – it was standing up all on its own.

All in all, this Momma is happy! For the price, you really can’t go wrong!


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