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Pretty Pushers Delivery Gown {AND GIVEAWAY}

May 8, 2014

A couple of months ago I was thinking about delivering this baby (when am I not thinking about that…?) and wearing one of those gowns they give you in the hospital. Having never delivered a baby, I’m not sure if they give you the paper ones (heaven help me) or the fabric ones with the tie in the back that you’re constantly holding onto should you need to get up. Or if they give you something different entirely. Anyway, I was thinking about this AS our buyer was (unbeknownst to me) ordering in a spankin’ new brand: Pretty Pushers. And voila! I was RIGHT that there ARE other options for what to wear during delivery!

So here we have it: the Pretty Pushers gown:


Having never given birth before and only watched ONE video (in grade 9 health class, hello NOBODY in that class knew what they were about to see), I’m nervous about all the unknowns. I want to do all that I can do (whatever that is) to be any smidgen bit more comfortable – and wearing a Pretty Pushers gown is going to take me a long way. The Pretty Pushers gowns are made in the USA, which is a bit thumbs up from me, and are super soft cotton. They come in two sizes in order to fit most body types, the regular size is for pre-pregnancy sizes 2-16 and the plus size is for pre-pregnancy sizes 18-26. When I tried mine on, because I’m definitely at the smaller end of the scale, it was pretty big on me. Two things to think about here: I’m not full term, and the gown is quite adjustable. I fiddled with the tie around the back a bit and adjusted the gown so it was comfortable on me. I recommend putting it on before you get to the hospital so you can get a feel for how it fits and do any adjusting with the ties that needs to be done.  I tried in vain to take many photos and it just wasn’t working.

They’re under $40, which means they are totally attainable and you won’t feel super wasteful if you end up disposing of it afterwards, or cutting off a piece of it and disposing of the rest.

But what’s the best thing is the design of the gown. The top of it is a tie-neck halter so you can get quick skin-to-skin access for your newborn baby (jeepers, just typing that is going to send me into a fit of tears). You can also tie it as tight or as loose as you like depending on what you’re comfortable with and what the nurse/dr/midwife needs access to. The back is quite low cut to allow for epidural access if needed. The tie in the back that you can see below is what makes the gown so adjustable.


The front of it is mainly open with two ties so the doctors can get in there and apply a fetal monitor without having to rummage with your gown too much.

Pretty-Pushers-FrontAnd because the folks at Pretty Pushers are so great, we get to give away one gown in honour of Mother’s Day! So enter below (open until May 15th) and we will do the draw on May 16th. Good luck!


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