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Preparing Baby for Winter

November 9, 2016


After an active summer, the winter months are a hard pill to swallow. If you and your baby have grown accustomed to being outside and getting fresh air daily, don’t let cold weather stop you! As the famous Scandinavian saying goes, “there is no bad weather, just bad clothing”. Here are a few tips to dressing baby (and mom!) for the weather.

Layer up!
Start with thin, flexible base layers. Restricting clothing like jeans or overalls are not a good choice for snow play as they’ll  bunch up in the wrong places and don’t breathe under snow pants. We opt for leggings and two pairs of socks, and then put on a second layer of warmer pants – sweat pants or thicker wool leggings. Same with the top half – start with a thin long sleeve shirt or thermal underwear and then top with a thicker version.

Cover up!
If skin is visible, it’s susceptible to the wind and cold, so look for a neck warmer and hat that cover as much as possible. The balaclava by Calikids is perfect for the task! Or buy a full coverage tuque and then grab a neck warmer such as the adjustable neck warmer or the knit cozy neck warmer, also by Calikids.


Fingers and Toes
The first places we feel cold need extra protection. For wee ones, Stonz booties (and liners) or Sherpa booties, a similar brand, are beloved by moms everywhere and for good reason. They’re both easy to put on and keep baby’s feet snugly warm.

Until kids are able to put on their own mittens, it’s always a struggle forcing little thumbs into their proper place, which is why I love mittens with side zippers. Snuggle Bugz has a ton of options with zips, so grab a pair and save yourself the frustration before you leave  the house!

Warm Baby Wearing
To keep baby completely sheltered from the weather but still enjoy the great outdoors, simply convert your current parka into one with the extensions by Kokoala. There are a range of extensions for pregnancy and baby wearing that will be a mom’s best friend this winter.

Cozy Strolling
If baby is staying in the stroller, he’ll be toasty in a stroller bunting bag. 7 am Enfant adapts to any stroller, whereas other brands (such as Bugaboo and Uppababy) have bunting bags specific to their make and model.  These bags are especially great when you’re simply going from point A to point B, not necessarily playing in the snow. They allow a baby to travel by stroller without dressing for the North Pole. Perfect for daycare drop off or errands in the winter months.

IMG_9239-resizedEmily is a Montreal-based writer and blogger, but most importantly, a mom of three littles (age five and under). She geeks out over cloth diapers, lattes, and will do just about anything to travel. You can find her on Instagram @emmorrice where she profusely overgrams pictures of her meals, kids and city. 

Emily Morrice

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