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Planning my Gender Neutral Nursery

August 1, 2017


I honestly didn’t think it would be so difficult to plan my own nursery. As I mentioned in my first post, I currently work for Karin Bennett Designs and Karin & I decorated the entire Nestled store floor with about 28 nurseries. So you’d think I’d have this whole nursery thing down pat by now right? Nope. If you’re struggling to see a vision for your space don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are so many cribs to choose from. Trust me… I got the crib 411 and you can read that here. Let me break down some dilemma’s I’m dealing with for my own personal space.

1) Decorating a gender neutral nursery

Are you finding out the gender of your wee one? Keeping it a surprise? Ryan and I decided to fully embrace the biggest surprise that life has to offer and find out what we’re having when the baby is born. I swear I’ll cry if one of the ultra sound techs tells me by mistake. Regardless, that means I can’t go crazy with pink or blue. So how do you decorate a gender neutral nursery? With yellow? Green? Purple? Grey? Guess what… I’m actually not using any of those colours. I’m sticking with the classics. I’m aiming for a tone on tone combination of beige, warm woods, maybe some black and some crisp bright white. I definitely want to incorporate some greenery as well to liven up the space. This way, when the baby is born I can easily add some pink or blue bedding, maybe a pillow or throw and add some ‘gender’ pops without going crazy.

2) Space Planning – A tiny room for a tiny baby

Yup… our nursery is TEENY Tiny. I’ve got a 9′ x 9′ space for our crib, dresser and glider to squeeze into. This really wasn’t a concern for me until I realized how big some of the cribs were. My solution? I need a crib with an open frame. If you’ve got the space then you’re options are endless when it comes to your crib style. I on the other hand am looking for something that doesn’t take up so much square footage. Having smaller feet on the crib can help with this, no headboard, an open airy frame and even a light colour can give the illusion that your crib is taking up less real estate. Of course, this also means that I have limited space for a dresser/ change table. I was actually telling my bestie that I would just put the dresser in the closet if it didn’t fit in the room until she said… “You’re going to change your baby in a closet?!”. Yeah, that’s definitely not the best plan. So I’ll have to make things work. A glider can also take up space so I’ll have to angle the glider in one of the corners of the room. It’s going to be cozy and quaint and it will be just perfect for our little family.

3) Inspiration for our nursery

When working with clients we start every project by looking over Pinterest boards and images. This helps us get a better idea of what they ultimately want and like for their space. The problem is… it’s much harder when I’m my own client. Who’s with me? It’s always harder to choose things for your own home isn’t it? Here’s a fun exercise for you to try to help you out if you’re dealing with the same problem. Start by creating your own nursery board on Pinterest. Once you have at least 15 pins to your board look back and really take a look at a few things:

  • What colour are the walls in the rooms you love?
  • What colour is the crib in most of the rooms you love?
  • Is there a rug? What colour is it?
  • Is there similar artwork in your pinned images?
  • Any other similarities you should make note of?- plants, change table, knobs, furniture placement, glider etc.


Ok. Now that you’ve done that you’ll start to get a clear vision for what you like and what to look for for your space. Here’s my list:

  • White walls OR wallpaper
  • White crib
  • A natural jute rug OR a bohemian/Persian style rug- large area rugs
  • Animal artwork
  • Natural wood dressers, gliders in the corner, semi flush light fixtures, fiddle fig/ palm tree, wicker baskets or poufs.


From here, I take these concepts and put my ‘vision’ together. Here are my first few drafts so you can see where I’m heading with my space. I think once I decide which crib to go with I’ll really be able to get my thoughts together. Please let me know in the comments below which vision you like the best!


Thanks for following along. Be sure to tune in next week we’re talking about gliders!


Furniture Product Links:

Board 1: Babyletto Modo Collection 3-in-1 Convertible Crib &  3-drawer Changer/Dresser, Dutailier Comfort Classico Glider

Board 2: Natart Ithaca Collection 5-in-1 Convertible Crib & Double Dresser, Dutailier Comfort Classico Glider

Board 3: Babyletto Hudson Collection 3-in-1 Convertible Crib & Baby Relax Miles 6 Drawer Dresser, Dutailier Comfort Classico Glider

Jaclyn Harper

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