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Planning a Nursery? Here’s where to start.

July 17, 2017

So you’re pregnant. Congratulations! Right about now you’re basking in the bliss counting down the days until you can tell your family and friends. Once that’s over you know you’ve got about 7 months left until that precious little baby arrives. LOTS of time to figure out the nursery right? Wrong.

jackieMy name is Jackie. I’m a TV Host and Interior Stylist from Burlington, Ontario and that’s EXACTLY what I thought too. I currently work for Karin Bennett Designs and we were lucky enough to design the entire Nestled Store in Burlington.  We made vision boards, 3D renderings, virtual floor plans, styled and decorated 22 different nurseries. Are we crazy or what!? Now I’m expecting (Yay!) and you’d honestly think I’d have this whole nursery thing down pat by, but I don’t. I popped into my closest Nestled store the other day and started shopping the floor drooling over the amazing selection that they have. I guess I didn’t truly appreciate it when we were designing all of the rooms. I asked Cindy, the store manager, for some help and she said, ” it can take about 4 months to order your nursery set”. PARDON!? I’m not one to stress out easy but I could feel the sweat dripping down my forehead. You mean that I have to order my nursery set at the beginning of July to get it by Mid-October!? GULP.  I guess I’ve been slacking!

Ok, let’s go over the basics. If you’re like me and you think you have lots of time… you don’t. Where can you start in order to figure out what you’ll need for your nursery and what’s most important? Here are some simple guidelines to follow:


Who knew that your nursery furniture would require such a long lead time!? A few things come into play to make this such an extensive process. Things like… is it Canadian made, does it have a low a VOC level and what is it made from? All of these things can either speed up or slow down the lead time of your furniture so to be safe you’ll need about 4 months. And keep in mind… you’ll also want to set it up before the baby arrives so by the time you’re 5 months pregnant you should have your furniture figured out. Guess what, I’m already 6 months pregnant and if you’re like me you probably thought this was a bit early to start shopping for your nursery. We were wrong my friend.  Don’t worry though, your baby will most likely be sleeping in a bassinet in your room until the nursery fully comes together and who knows, just like baby, it COULD come earlier than expected.

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Safety of course this should be your #1 priority when purchasing anything for yourself or your child and when it comes to safety, most brands come with tip kits. What’s a tip kit you might ask? It’s a kit that allows you to screw your dresser into your wall to avoid your dresser from tipping over. Some companies provide an entire kit that you need to install to the back of the dresser and then adhere your dresser to the wall. Others come with it attached and you just simply screw your dresser to the wall. You want to make sure you do this!  These are definitely some of the things you should be asking your in store rep.


Natart actually safety rates their dressers with a 50 pound tip test. This ensures that the dresser will not tip over even with 50 pounds in one of the dresser drawers. This can give you some added security when it comes to your nursery furniture.

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Ok, for most of us style comes into play when we purchase our nursery furniture. It’s so fun to see all the pieces come together right? Are you looking for something retro chic, modern, rustic, contemporary, traditional? The list goes on and on. And guess what? If you have NO CLUE what your style is I’d suggest you go to the showroom floor. I totally get that it can be overwhelming to choose your nursery. The good news is… Nestled has an amazing variety that showcases all of these styles. In fact, a lot of mommas will just point and say “I want that.”  It’s a great way to get a sense of what your nursery could look like and will help you decide which furniture line to go with.


Your nursery furniture doesn’t have to match! You can 100% mix and match your items. Lets say you fall in love with a Natart dresser but you absolutely love a Dutailier crib. Go for it! I would just try to stick to the same colour palette if you can. 


Speaking of furniture, keep in mind that each line has different features when it comes to longevity. Is this important on your list? Are you looking for a crib that is 5 in 1? Do you want your crib to become a double bed? A twin bed? Or do you figure you’ll be switching out your furniture by then and you just want a crib. THIS can really change which brand you end up choosing and can limit your crib selection. If you’re looking for a 5 in 1 I’d recommend a Natart Crib. Maybe a bed with a toddler conversion kit? Try Davinci Designs or Babyletto. Maybe you’re just looking for the perfect crib for your space. You want it open and airy and don’t want to worry about the look of your future headboard… Dutailier is for you. There are so many styles to choose from and of course they all have a different look. If you want a bed that will convert here’s a tip… if the back of the crib looks like a headboard, then it most likely will be a convertible because that’s essentially what it is!

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Does it matter to you if your drawers are plastic vs. solid wood, safety tested or made for a Canadian climate? If so, make sure you ask the right questions and don’t be afraid to pull open the drawers or lift mattresses to inspect the furniture. If you’re seeing solid wood then your crib has a solid construction and is going to last you years to come. Does the wood have a low VOC level? These days cribs can be made that are extremely environmentally friendly AND have a Greenguard certification to maintain low VOC levels and other chemicals that can be harmful to your baby. Who would have thought right? Some brands even provide a dust cover beneath your drawers to avoid dust bunny entry into your furniture. And some provide stabilizer bars in your drawers so that they don’t sag. This can also prevent your drawers from splitting and cracking in our Canadian climate. If these things are not important to you that’s totally ok but if you’re looking to invest in quality pieces for your nursery and beyond, I would be sure to ask a floor rep to point you in the right direction.

If you have any nursery questions PLEASE leave me a comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you. Have an idea for a future blog post? We’d love to hear from you.

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