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Picnic with The Pieces Play Mat

August 24, 2018

Have you seen the new Pieces Play Mats? They’re amazing! I swear to you we use ours every single day. Most of the time we keep ours in Evie’s play area but we love the fact that we can roll it up and bring it outside whenever we’d like. The mat is so soft and ‘cushiony’ (if that’s a word). You can feel the bounce back of the mat when you push down on it and I LOVE that. For awhile there Evie was extremely danger prone. Bruises, scrapes… you name it she could hurt herself on it. Now that she’s walking around and she’s figured out how to fall on her bum she’s pretty independent. Still so nice to have the soft mat under her when she plays.

What else do we use our play mat for? We love having it in our backyard. Much nicer for Evie and her friends to play on the mat than it is to crawl on the grass or concrete. Plus, it’s cool to touch on a hot summer day and they’re so fun and colourful! Have you seen the patterns they come in? They are reversible, so you get two playful patterns with each mat and you can hose yours down for the really messy play dates or just wipe them before you bring them back inside.

Our Picnic

When I thought of taking Evie for a picnic, of course our Pieces Play Mat was without a doubt, the perfect canvas. No more looking for that picture perfect blanket, the play mat provided a flat surface on rough terrain and with it being super easy to wipe down, it was a no brainer right? I decided to pack some new snacks for Evie to test out. She’s all about feeding herself these days so giving her things that she can hold on to and chew are perfect. These kind of snacks also give me at least 5-10 minutes before she’s ready for something else ha! I think my favourite part about the Nosh Baby Munchables are that they are great for her teeth. Evie currently has two on the bottom and two coming in up top and they drive her crazy. Having a snack that can help with the teething process is a major win! Also, I’m not one for reading labels (they’re so confusing to me) but when I look at the Munchables package I can actually understand the 5 ingredients that are listed. That’s a major win as well. She’s been testing out the ‘simply rice‘, ‘sweet potato and pumpkin‘ and ‘strawberry and beet‘ flavours. I think she likes the ‘strawberry and beet‘ best.

Summer Activities

What summer activities could you get up to with a Pieces Play Mat? Would you keep this in your car, bring it to family events or keep it as a permanent fixture in your home? Would love to hear from you down below. Here are some summer activities we’ve checked off our list:

  • Springridge Farm
  • Lounging Pool Side
  • Picnic at Grandma’s
  • Baby play dates
  • Burlington Food Truck Festival
  • Burlington’s Rib Fest
  • Hanging out on the grass at the Burlington Waterfront

Jaclyn Harper

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