2014 Brand Spotlight Car Seat Safety

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4.35

May 30, 2014

4-35-aloneWhat’s all the hype about? Well, Peg Perego has changed the game – again. This time with their infant car seat. The Peg Perego PV SIP 30/30 has been a staple in MANY families and is a great seat – but it is being discontinued for a newer, younger model. Meet the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35.tulip-profileThe Primo Viaggio 4-35 is equipped with an all-new modern look and an innovative base with the “Right Tight System.” It is for babies 4 to 35 lbs and up to 32” tall. As with the 30/30, the seat can be used in your vehicle (and aircraft) with or without the included base.

The new base with the “Right Tight System” easily and securely locks the base in place and adds stability to the seat. This new base is gentler on your vehicle seat upholstery because the bottom has a more rounded shape than the previous 30/30 model. The base also comes with an anti-rebound bar attached to it.atmosphere-profile

The Side Impact Protection (SIP) on the 4-35 is adjustable to six different positions with no re-threading required to protect baby’s head and shoulders at any growth stage. Side Impact Protection protects the child’s head, neck and spine in the event of a crash. There is also energy-absorbing expanded Poly Styrene foam, in the shell of the seat and the head panel that protects the infant’s head and torso from impact forces.

height-adjustmentThere is a Dual Stage Cushion System that provides support for the tiniest of babies (at 4lbs) and growing babies up to 35lbs.

The convenience and fashion features in the 4-35 are great as well. Elastic bands keep the harness in place while placing baby in the seat.

elastic-bandsAs with the 30/30, the 4-35 has a knob in the base for you to adjust your seats recline in order to get the best angle for your child.

Currently the 4-35 is only compatible with Peg Perego (travel system compatible) strollers, but it is our understanding that other stroller brands are working hard to get adapters out on the market for use with their strollers.

And, like all Peg Perego products, it comes in a whole whack of colours.



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