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Our Smart Nursery

February 22, 2018

When it comes to transitioning your baby into their own room and into their own bed it can be a daunting task. I know it has been for us. We’ve just started putting Evie in her own room and it’s a slow transition. The very first night she slept for an hour and that was a HUGE win for us. The thing that truly helped us out has been her baby monitor plus, our monitor has some amazing features I can’t wait to tell you all about.

Our Motorola Smart Home Nursery System has been incredible. I love our baby video monitor, the 7inch screen that makes it so easy to watch our sleeping beauty in the dark and from bed (I wear glasses for long distance). You can choose to watch your baby in SD, HD, or in an HD Enhanced setting. Pretty cool right? You can also adjust your camera’s point of view with the simple click of an arrow on the touch screen.

Worried about how much your baby is moving through the night? Just turn on the sleep activity setting. It monitors the room’s temp, the humidity level, noise and your baby’s movement throughout the night. It even records small videos so you can recap how they slept. I think it’s adorable. You can also click record and click the camera to record moments for yourself. It saves them to your gallery (and I’ve got a bunch already). There’s nothing cuter than a sleeping baby.

Ok, now for the cool part. You can connect other Motorola devices to your display monitor. We have the Smart Nursery Dream Machine in Evie’s room and she loves it!!! If you’re asking yourself, what’s a dream machine? I’ll fill you in. First of all, you can use it as a nightlight. No more stumbling in the dark to check on baby. You can set your dream machine to light up in a bunch of different colours. Not only will they help your baby fall asleep but they’ll also help guide your way in the dark. The dream machine also plays a variety of lullabies and the coolest part!? It can make a light show on the ceiling for baby. You can pop in a disc to display a different image on the ceiling. It will tire them out and help them fall asleep.

Another device you can connect to your monitor is the Smart Humidifier with warm/cool mist. We love our so much that we used it in our bedroom until we started transitioning Evie into her own room. Not only is the sound extremely soothing but using a humidifier in a baby’s room can help kill germs and viruses. It will also help your baby to breathe by reducing mucus build up. You can increase the moisture level on your smartphone or tablet, use one of three different timers and purify the air in your nursery with the double filter system. I’m sure you can understand why we love it so much.

Now if that wasn’t already enough, you can also connect the Smart Nursery Baby and Me Scale. This scale has been incredible for us. At our two month check up our doctor told us not to worry but wanted to flag the fact that Evie was just under the growth curve. Having the baby and me scale took the pressure off. I was able to weigh her daily and see that she was putting on weight (and that I was losing it whoop whoop). I love that I can connect the scale to my Hubble app to track my baby’s growth and development. It’s also great if you need to show your doctor. With one click all of your data is right there on your phone.

To complete our smart nursery we also have the Motorola Smart Nursery Sensors. We haven’t had to use them yet because Evie isn’t mobile. I’m sure this will change very soon. She looks like she could start crawling any day now. I don’t know when they normally starts. You put the sensors on doorways, windows and even baby gates. When and if they are opened or closed you will get an automatic notification to your phone.  So smart right? I know when I always tried to sneak myself out of nap time. Like mother, like daughter lol.

We have really enjoyed our Smart Nursery so far and it’s fantastic that all of these devices can work together to help Evie (and mom and dad) have a great sleep.

What do you love most about your baby monitor? Let me know in the comments below. Would love to hear from you.

Jaclyn Harper

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