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Our Nursery Makeover

September 26, 2017

It’s finally here! No, not the baby but believe me… we’re counting down the days. I was talking about our Nursery. It’s finally ready for our little bambino. This room has taken on an incredible transformation over the past few months and I’m so excited to share that with you. Scroll down to see the full before and afters and to read about our plans for the space. You can also watch our Nursery reveal video here.

The Room

Jaclyn Colville Nursery - Before.jpg

We decided to give our nursery a fresh coat of paint to brighten things up. We ended up choosing Benjamin Moore- Oxford White for the walls. I’m still debating if I should do a feature wall with little taupe polka dots. That could definitely happen before the baby arrives. We also decided to give the floors a makeover. We chose a beautiful wide plank warm engineered hardwood for our entire house and we extended that into the Nursery. Those two things completely transformed the space and gave us a great backdrop for our furniture.

The Vision


If you missed my post about the vision for the space you can read that here. I wanted a ‘gender neutral’ nursery so lots of tone on tone neutrals. I didn’t want to go dark with the furniture to keep the room light and airy. We were tight for space so I was using every trick in the books to give the illusion of a bigger area.



The Furniture

When it came to our nursery furniture we had to be careful with size. The space is 9ft x 9ft so it’s the perfect size for a baby’s room we just had to do some space planning. Being an Interior Stylist I was able to create my own floor plans and see just how the furniture would fit in our nursery. It was going to be a tight squeeze but it would definitely work! I decided to put the glider in the corner of the room so that we could fully extend that recliner feature. When it came to the crib I figured that the wall beside our closet would give us the most room (this was the biggest furniture item). At first, I had contemplated placing the crib under the window but I didn’t want it to interfere with the draperies in the space and I didn’t want the light from the window to bother the baby’s sleep routine. This is the same reason why I didn’t place the crib on the wall in front of the doorway. Wouldn’t want to wake the baby with the light breaking through the door or the creak of the door opening. With that in mind, that wall was the perfect spot for our dresser/change table. I decided to add a large mirror to give the illusion of a larger space.

Jaclyn Colville Nursery Reveal - Before (1 of 1).jpg

The Art

I keep telling my friends that are expecting not to search for their nursery art in the ‘kids’ section. Let’s be real… the art is more for mom than for baby right? Get yourself something pretty to look at. Maybe something cute and quirky. It doesn’t have to be a cartoon or an animated print. For me, I wanted my art to be neutral as we don’t know what we’re having. Black and white prints are great for that. I wouldn’t be surprised if I change things up in about 6 months though. That’s just me. I love changing up my decor from season to season. I’d love to see a big canvas above the crib like I had projected in my 3D Rendering for the space.

Jaclyn Colville Nursery Reveal (19 of 42).jpg

The Rug

I definitely wanted a rug in our nursery. I ended up going with a natural jute rug to ground the space and to have something cozy under my feet. I also love how it warms up the room after adding so much white. Much nicer to stand on than the bare hardwood and we know I’ll be standing to change how many diapers a day!? (I think 12!). I like that it also provides a neutral palette for a layered rug or a playmat. They’ve got some really cute foam floor tiles from Skip Hop that I’m loving and you know that I already love the Lorena Canals baby rugs.

Jaclyn Colville Nursery (7 of 1).jpg

The Accessories

I went with a few simple items to accessorize the nursery. Keep in mind, you don’t want to over clutter. Wicker baskets can be great for hiding kids toys and they look pretty too! Of course, two staples that will live in this space include the ubbi diaper pail and my new matty changer. I decided to choose neutral colours for both of these as they really do become part of the decor in the space. I chose this adorable pillow from snuggle bugz for the crib. Can’t go wrong with living textiles crib sheets and then I paced an outfit on the bed for a little character. For our dresser I accessorized with my absolute favourite bunny from JellyCat.  I also couldn’t resist this book to go with it. Last but not least, something you can decorate with and be practical about are baby shoes! I chose the cutest little moccasins to leave on display. Don’t forget a cozy blanket for mom and baby and you’re good to go. We absolutely love the transformation of our nursery. Scroll down to see that before picture one more time.

Jaclyn Colville Nursery Reveal (25 of 42).jpg

Jaclyn Colville Nursery Reveal (18 of 42).jpgJaclyn Colville Nursery Reveal (26 of 42).jpg

Before vs. After

Jaclyn Colville Nursery - Before.jpg

Jaclyn Colville Nursery Reveal - After (1 of 1).jpg

Until next time,

Jaclyn Harper

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