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Oral Care Tips for Baby

April 29, 2016

BlogHeader_MAMoralHealthAt every age, dental health is critical to overall health, and even though they’ll fall out, it is important to care for your child’s primary teeth. Whether nursing or bottle feeding, good oral hygiene should begin at birth. April is Oral Health Month so we decided to work with our friends at MAM for some tips on keeping your kid’s teeth bright and healthy.

  •  Your baby should visit the dentist shortly after the first tooth appears and no later than your baby’s first birthday. At the first dental check-up, the dentist will examine your baby’s first teeth and mouth, determine the right amount of fluoride for your child, discuss feeding practices and decide the best prevention plan that fits your child. Tooth decay is preventable!
  • The routine of cleaning your baby’s mouth should begin right from the start. After feedings, wipe your baby’s gums and mouth with your finger wrapped in a soft, clean cloth.
  • Around 6 months, sometimes sooner or later, your baby’s first teeth will begin to erupt. You may notice your baby has increased drooling and mild irritability. To help soothe your baby offer a chilled, not frozen, teething ring or try massaging your baby’s gums. Teething gels that numb your baby’s gums are not recommended because of the toxicity potential.
  • Begin brushing when your baby’s first tooth erupts. Use a soft bristled toothbrush that is age appropriate. Brush twice a day. Your health care professional may recommend a smear of fluoridated toothpaste based on your baby’s risk for tooth decay.
  • During your pregnancy, oral health care for you is important. The many changes taking place throughout your pregnancy, such as hormones, eating habits, indigestion and acid reflux can impact your oral health. Poor oral health can affect the health of your baby. Maintain a healthy mouth through daily home care and regular professional dental care.
  • Tooth decay is an infectious disease. This means the germ that causes tooth decay can be spread from your mouth to your baby’s mouth. Avoid putting things in your mouth and then in your baby’s mouth such as sharing a spoon when testing your baby’s food or cleaning a dropped pacifier with your mouth.

To celebrate Oral Health Month, MAM is giving 6 lucky winners a gum and tooth care prize pack, including an oral care rabbit and a training brush! Leave a comment on this blog post that answers the question “When did you start or do you plan to start your child’s oral health regiment?” and log in to the Rafflecopter to click “I commented!” Contest ends Sunday, May 10th at 11:59PM EST. Rules and Regulations. 

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