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Nursing Happens – Itzy Ritzy Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf

July 25, 2014

I will be the first to say I’m not a big fan of nursing covers. Nursing is totally natural and we ALL make WAY too big a deal out of it. Babies eat, they do that from breasts (in the case of a breastfed baby, obviously), let’s all move on.

So if I wasn’t working at Snuggle Bugz, I probably wouldn’t have a nursing cover. I bought a couple of mitt clips which I plan on using to secure a swaddle blanket to basically everything, and figure if I’m in a situation where I really would like to cover up, I’ll just mitt clip a swaddle to my top and Bob’s your uncle.

But then Itzy Ritzy released their new infinity scarf and I am finally loving a nursing cover! Because it’s not really a nursing cover. It’s a scarf, but a cover too? Genius! K, first it comes in totally awesome styles, three of which we are currently carrying: Charcoal Haze, Pink Kiss and Blue Skies Chevron. All-three

Here is a lovely video to show you exactly how it works:

It’s made of high-quality jersey knit which means it’s a light, breathable fabric for when baby is nursing. It can get hot in there under a cover!

It is different than a traditional cover in a couple of ways. First, it has a purpose OTHER THAN covering you while nursing. You can wear this scarf all the livelong day if you feel like it. Plus you don’t have to take up any room in the diaper bag with it if you don’t want to, which you definitely can’t do with other nursing covers.

At $29.99, it’s comparable to other nursing covers so you’re not paying a serious premium for the versatility, which is great. This puppy is a great pre-baby shower gift, especially for a first time mom who is a little wide-eyed about breastfeeding for the first time. They can even wear the scarf before the baby is born and have it absorb in some of that great mom-smell that babies go crazy for 🙂

front-backAlso, on a rough day with baby, who wouldn’t love something with this cute little inspirational message on it?

doingagreatjobWhat do you think? Is the Infinity Nursing Scarf for you? Leave a comment and let me know!


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