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Nursery Trends: Teepees

October 10, 2017


There have been so many nursery trends this year that of course I couldn’t skip talking about Teepees. I’m not talking about the PeePee Teepees also known as PeeTees… although I’m glad I stumbled across those in my search for inspiration haha. I’m talking about the fact that Bohemian inspired nurseries have been all the rage on Pinterest. You can check out some of the rooms that we’re loving right here. I’ve curated a few looks so that YOU can shop at Nestled and Snuggle Bugz. If you love what you see just scroll down to ‘Get The look’.


Look one is quite girly. I wanted to show you that Teepees don’t have to mean full blow bohemian inspired rooms. You know… the ones with macrame or rugs on the wall (although I TOTALLY love that). You can have a Teepee and still have a ‘pretty’ space. First of all, I LOVE this Teepee. Is it not so cute and quaint in the pink colour? Doesn’t meant you have to go crazy with pink in your nursery but I totally did. This could absolutely transition into a ‘big girl’s’ room as well. One of my best friends has a daughter that’s two and I think I’m going to have to convince her to get this for her bedroom. I’ve heard really good things about the Ubbi Pail. It’s stainless steel as opposed to plastic so it really helps to contain smells (sign me up). For the crib, I chose the Alexa Collection from Natart. I love the details on this crib and I find them to be a bit more feminine. Totally completes the look I was going for. Don’t forget to add some whimsy with cute toys and patterned sheets. After all, it is a baby’s room.

Shop the Look: Teepee, Crib, Milestone Blocks, Foam Floor, Storage, Stuffie, Area Rug, Crib Sheet, Ubbi


For look two we went with a more neutral palette. Ok ok… I know that a lot of people think grey and yellow when they think gender neutral. You could totally replace the yellow with blue or purple or green (colour of the year). Oooo especially that yellow green. Like the green you’d see in homes from the 70s. LOVING it! I actually have some gorgeous velour yellowy green drapes that I’m waiting to hang right now. Ok, back to the nursery… I love the simplicity of this TeePee. Totally gender neutral and fantastic for siblings. This doesn’t have to stay in the nursery. Thing of these things as pieces that will grow with your kids. This TeePee would look amazing in a family room, play area or backyard (you just probably shouldn’t leave it outside permanently). I love the little hint of pattern and the neutral colours. I did want to bring some colour into this space so I decided to go with some bright yellow. I love that there are subtle hints of yellow in the Lorena Canals rug as well. Really helps to pull the room together. A crib sheet is always a great place to play with colour and pattern AND it’s not permanent. Why not change out your crib sheet to completely change the look of your space? For the crib I chose a dark grey. It’s the Autumn Collection from Davinci. You’ll find this crib in a toddler bed on the Nestled showroom floor. It’s actually a 4 -in-1 convertible crib.  You’ll see that I chose the grey Matty Changer in the grey to match (although not everything has to match!).  Have you heard of the Matty yet!? Click the link for more info. This is the change pad that I ended up choosing. I know you’ll be impressed with what it can do!

Shop the Look: Teepee, Crib, Pint, Stuffie, Area Rug, Crib Sheet, Matty Changer


Who doesn’t love a black and white nursery? This is a trend in itself this year. We’ve been seeing SO MUCH black and white and we’re loving it. Have you seen all of the black and white swaddles at Snuggle Bugz? Yes please! For this nursery I started with a black and white Teepee. You can see this exact version on the Nestled showroom floor. In fact, kids play in it all the time. It’s a great distraction while mom shops the store. This room also features the Stokke crib that is kind of a Teepee itself. I love how original this crib is. It has fabric that drapes over the top if you choose to do so as well. This rug from Lorena Canals is by far one of my favourites. I love the bohemian style and the fringe. The WheelyPanda is just so cute! They have other versions as well. In fact, years ago I did a segment with Snuggle Bugz on CHCH Morning Live… I totally rode this myself and managed to rip my pants haha. Thankfully, I can’t find the youtube clip. The light up letters add some whimsy to the space which I love and the wall art is so practical! What a cute way to measure your chid’s growth.

Shop the Look: Teepee, Crib, Area Rug,  Lightbox, Wall Decor, Blanket, WheelyPanda

Really hope you enjoyed these looks. We’d love to see YOUR Nursery. Feel free to share photos with us on the Nestled Facebook Page.

Until next time,


Jaclyn Harper

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