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Nursery Trends: Florals

August 15, 2017


As an Interior Stylist for Karin Bennett Designs in Burlington we’re always looking to stay on top of the design trends. This year, florals are making quite the statement. Whether it’s a mural wall, sheets, a rug or pillows this theme is everywhere! I can’t complain because I am absolutely IN LOVE with it. I’ve put together some of my favourite Floral Nursery inspirations here.

With florals in mind I thought it would be fun to give you some ‘shoppable’ looks at Nestled and Snuggle Bugz. If you’re hoping to hop on board the floral trend this season I’ve actually created 3 different nurseries for you to choose from.



This is probably my favourite fitted sheet in the Snuggle Bugz store (…just saying). I wanted to show you that florals doesn’t HAVE to be ‘girly’. This nursery would totally be perfect for a little boy. So if you’re looking for a gender neutral nursery that isn’t just white on white or tone on tone this could be perfect for you. The Lorena Canal’s rugs are so easy to throw in the wash making them amazing for a nursery. I love the little cloud pillow to add a pop of whimsy to the room. The subtle hints of teal green are so unexpected and the thing that really makes this room so different. As I have said before, don’t be afraid to mix and match your sets. The dresser, glider and crib are all from completely different companies.

Shop the Look: Crib, Rocker, Dresser, Rug,  Blanket, Fitted Sheet, Stuffed Animal, Pillow



Well… here we go again with another ‘gender neutral’ theme. I’m telling you… florals are not just for girls anymore. In this look, I love the pops of dark navy (also a HUGE trend we’re seeing in 2017). The key here is not to go crazy. You want a few pops of colour and some large neutral pieces to break up the space. The crib is the focal point in this room so really let that navy speak for itself. I’ve paired the crib with an extremely neutral glider and dresser… again from different companies. I think they all look phenomenal together. You know what they say… you don’t want too much of a good thing. In this look that’s the navy talking. I might have to disagree when it comes to cookies though. These days, I can’t get enough of em. Ha! In this space I’ve chosen a plain white fitted sheet with  a floral bedskirt. The floral blanket can be thrown over the side of the crib, over the glider, draped out of the striped bin OR placed in the crib itself. It’s nice to break up the pattern with a solid fitted sheet.

Shop the Look: Crib, Glider, BinCrib Skirt, Dresser, Blanket, Stuffed Animal, Quilted Blanket



Look three could also be very gender neutral if you changed the stuffed mouse, the blanket and the bumper. FUN TIP: Also an inexpensive look to change things up after 6 months. Who says your nursery has to look the same all the time? With this look I chose a peachy pink as opposed to the ballerina pink that we usually see. I love the way it compliments the Stokke Home Crib and brightens up the room. You’ll see another Lorena Canal’s rug in this space. They’re just so practical! Pick em up and throw them in the washing machine to give them a fresh look. I decided to showcase a collection in it’s entirety in this look. It’s a brand new crib and change table that you can find on the Nestled showroom floor. Actually, I’d love for you to go see it in person because with different sheets and blankets it looks like a COMPLETELY different crib. For the glider in this nursery I pulled some of the light grey from the area rug but you could definitely chose to go a little more taupe if you wanted to (It comes in a warm grey as well). There’s a great balance of warm and cool tones in this nursery and I totally love it!

Shop the Look: Crib, Glider, Rug, Dresser, Stuffed Animal, Bumper, Fitted Sheet, Blanket

Which look do YOU like best?


Jaclyn Harper

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