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Nursery Trends: Black and White

March 12, 2018

Do you love the look of a black and white room? Did you know that black and white can actually help stimulate your baby’s brain development? It’s a WIN WIN! With that said, I’m here to show you three different nurseries that showcase this trend. Boy or girl, this is a great way to go! I’ve put together some of my favourite Black & White Nursery inspirations here.

I’d recommend by starting off with your crib. If you’re dealing with a small space (like I was) try to pick a crib that has thin legs and posts all around. If space isn’t an issue then let your eyes wander. There are so many to choose from at Nestled!

Once you’d decided on your crib, your dresser is most likely the next big purchase. A lot of people like to purchase furniture ‘sets’. I prefer to mix and match (just personal preference). If you have a small room I would highly suggest not going with all dark furniture. Don’t get me wrong, a black crib or a black dresser will look fantastic. I just wouldn’t do both in a small room. The dark furniture pieces surrounding the space can help to emphasize how small your room really is (you know… like you’re in a cave or something lol). Ok, let’s get to the black and white nurseries I’ve created for you. I’ll walk you through them.

Look One

To me, this look is cute and playful. Love love love that Jellycat dog as some whimsy decor. The light up letters are super trendy and fun for baby. I’ve noticed lately that Evie, who is four months old, loves everything to do with light. She’s fascinated by it! So great for sensory learning (just a bonus that it looks great too!). I decided to choose a dark crib to add some depth to the space. I love the contrast with the spindles. You can see that I went with a white glider to balance things out. As I mentioned before, having all your big items in black can tend to be really heavy in a room. Can’t forget the crib sheet. This is always where I like to play with a little bit of pattern or colour. In this case, we went with a bold scallop pattern from Loli Living. Guess what? These sheets literally JUST LAUNCHED at Snuggle Bugz. They’re actually the same sheets I have on Evie’s mattress right now (but in pink). Last but not least, I’d recommend this beautiful swaddle. So cute to leave on display and even cuter when your little one is wrapped up in it.

Look Two

Ok, I seriously LOVE THIS CRIB! Sorry for the caps… it makes me really excited haha. Have you seen it on the showroom floor? It’s awesome. This crib actually turns into a small sofa (click the link to see what I’m talking about). I think it’s genius and so stylish. With this space I went with a white crib so I decided to add some contrast with a dark glider. Went for the cutest crib sheet. Look at those little pandas… adorable right? Found this cute garland that would make for great wall decor and I couldn’t resist these stackables (aka nesting dolls). These will be great for your little one to play with and look great as decor. Can’t go wrong with storage. Especially when it goes with the room’s decor. Personally, I need somewhere to keep all of Evie’s bows and headbands. Maybe you’d like to keep some diapers and essentials tucked away on the dresser? The last item in this room is this pretty pillow. Always nice to have a little extra cushion when sitting in your glider. I find I either have it behind me or sometimes I used it under my arm when I’m feeding Evie.

Look Three

Our final look is super simple and really cute. It all started with this little cow and from there it was the ‘cow’ room haha. I love that this crib is so open and airy despite being black. It’s a fantastic option for you if you have a small nursery. It’s also a 3-in-1 (Bonus!). How about that two toned glider as well? I love the piping in the black. Next up, the crib sheet. This sheet reminds me of marble. They call it ‘Modern Burlap’. Regardless, I think it’s awesome. Back to the ‘cow’ theme… this confetti swaddle fits in perfectly. Great for the nursery and on the go. Last but not least, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used my OVer swaddle and multi-use covers. They have great stuff (in my opinion). You can find the black and white striped reversible swaddle here.

So which one is YOUR favourite? Would love to hear from you in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


Jaclyn Harper

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