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Nursery Trends: Navy

September 6, 2017


If you’re new here you’ve got LOTS to take in. This week we’re talking Nursery Trends. If you haven’t read our post on Florals you can read there here. The Woodland theme is also a big hit this year and you can read all about that here. This week we’re talking all about Navy Nurseries. The funny thing about Navy is the fact that everyone seems to associate ‘navy’ as a boy colour. Here’s the thing… Navy is the new Black. I’m not even kidding. We’re seeing this in design everywhere! It’s become such a neutral colour that you can really use it for anything and everything. So with that being said, let’s delve into the world of Navy Nurseries. Don’t forget to scroll down for links so that you can shop the looks!



I love the combination of warm and cool tones in this nursery. The orange in the wood REALLY pops in contrast with the blue. If you’ve read my posts in the past you know that I tend to showcase the fact that you don’t need to buy the set. You can completely mix and max your furniture items. With this nursery though, I really loved how unique the pieces were. The dresser and crib look incredible together and help to emphasize the blue in the space. I’d actually even suggest a dark navy feature wall behind the crib in this nursery. You wouldn’t want to do that if the space was very small but a medium-large sized nursery would be able to showcase the colour extremely well. For the crib sheet I chose something pretty neutral and I wanted something light to break up all the dark in the room. The baby blanket is a blue velvet and I just couldn’t resist. It looks cozy and warm and PERFECT for fall. You can drape this over your crib, have it placed in a cute basket on the floor or change table or you could definitely hang it over your glider in the space. The rug is fantastic for grounding this space and breaking up the warm wood. If you have wood flooring it’s always nice to have a cozy rug in the nursery. the white colour keeps things light and area and helps to complete the room. I can’t forget those adorable plaid shoes. Place these on a dresser or shelf for some extra character. Last but not least, I just loved the colour of the kangaroo stuffie and thought it tied in extremely well.

Shop the Look: Crib, Dresser, Glider, Shoes, Area Rug, Crib Sheet, Blanket, Stuffie

ROOM 2: 


This room was meant to break the navy barrier. Most of the time people thing navy and they immediately think boy. It’s not the case anymore. I wanted to make this room ‘pretty’ to showcase that yes, you can use navy for a girl’s nursery or even as a gender neutral combination. To start off this room I chose the Baby Relax navy dresser. This is actually the exact same dresser I chose for my nursery but I picked white. I LOVE the hardware. This is a piece that I can see transitioning so well into another bedroom or even a dining room later on in it’s life. The crib has so much character I couldn’t resist.You’ll see that I chose the DaVinci Poppy Regency Crib. I like that it’s open and airy and the details are just incredible. Of course, you’ll probably need a diaper pail so why not choose one that goes with your decor. The White Ubbi Diaper pail worked perfectly in this space. Time for some pink… I picked my inspiration from this adorable ballerina mouse. It’s a warm pink (almost peachy) which I love because it warms up the space a bit. From there, I found this super cozy blanket in the same peachy tone and I love all the colours in the crib sheet. If you’re afraid to use bold patterns in your nursery the crib sheet is the best place to try this out. It’s not a dominant piece in your space and it’s a great place to add a pop of colour and whimsy. Can’t forget the glider. I went with a big comfy grey glider from Babyletto. It actually comes in two different colours (Pepper & Sandstone) and both would work extremely well in this nursery. Last but not least, those adorable little moccasins (I NEED these). I think every nursery needs a cute little pair of shoes to be put on display. That’s what I plan on telling my hubby at least. ha!

Shop the Look: Crib, Dresser, Glider, Stuffie, Sheets, Blanket, Diaper Pail, Shoes



Room three MAY be my favourite. Can I say that? I would 100% call this a gender neutral space. Again, I did end up choosing the entire furniture set for this nursery. I just love the colour so much. If you’re daring enough to go Navy THIS is the set for you.The neutral glider really helps to break up all the dark in this room which is key. I think things can tend to look really heavy and even a little dark and gloomy if you go overboard on the navy. I could see a beautiful wallpaper with a bit of navy in it like. A subtle or bold patter would both be amazing. Again, I had to add some cute little shoes. If you’re going to decorate the space you might as well make em practical accessories right? (and again, that’s what I’m telling my husband). For the rug, I chose this gorgeous Lorena Canals rug that has a bit of navy in it. I can’t emphasize enough how important a rug will be in your space. When you’re changing a million diapers a day that little bit of heaven under your feet will be so worth it. The wood bike… I just loved this. This would look amazing in a playroom as well. Last but not least, that adorable little sloth. Probably my favourite stuffie from Jellycat (although it’s VERY hard to choose).

Shop the Look: Crib, Dresser, Bike, Stuffie, Area Rug, Glider, Boots

Please let us know if you decided to shop the look or even to try out a Navy nursery for yourself. We’d love to see your pictures!!!


Jaclyn Harper

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