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Nursery Space Planning 101

August 29, 2017


You might think this sounds a bit silly but space planning is VERY important when it comes to planning your nursery. In fact, it has everything to do with the furniture you’ll be able to choose, how much or how little you’ll be able to fit and IF you’ll have room for a glider or not.

This is how I space planned for our nursery:


To be honest, I was looking at a beautiful 3 piece collection on the Nestled showroom floor but then when I got home I realized that it was just too big our 9’3 x 9’1 nursery space. Ryan (My hubby) and I had just downsized from a larger home so that we could live in the area that we wanted and that meant we were going to have to be EXTRA cautious when it came to our nursery floor plan.


What are you looking to have in your nursery? Are you having one child? Twins? How many cribs/ beds do you need in your room? For me, I was looking for a crib, a change table and a glider. I should mention though that these days people are placing their gliders in their family rooms so that they can watch tv while they nurse. Genius! I’m highly considering this idea as well. Let’s talk measurements. Luckily, I work as an Interior Stylist for Karin Bennett Designs (shameless plug) so I can design my own floor plans. Of course, we can help you with yours as well but if you’re looking for a simple and fast method you can take out your good old measuring tape and grab some green painters tape. If you look at the dimensions of your pieces online you’ll be able to draw out your furniture plan directly on the floor. You can even cut cardboard or bristol board to size so that you can move the pieces around.

Floor plan


After realizing our limitations, I made sure to choose a change table, crib and glider (Remember these don’t have to match. More on that here.) that would work well in our space. It was fun to play around with the dimensions. At first I was thinking about having the crib under the window in our nursery but after drafting up my floor plan I realized there just wasn’t enough room if I wanted to fit everything in. I tried positioning my crib in front of the door to the room but thought the light from the hallway might keep the baby up so I scratched that as well. I placed the crib on the far wall leaving just enough room for our glider and dresser to go on the opposing wall. It’s a tight squeeze but it’s going to work for us. Technically, it’s a good idea to have about 36 inches or 3 feet for walk ways so I know we’ll have more than enough space.

Hope these tips help you with your nursery. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments below.


Jaclyn Harper

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