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My UPPAbaby Vista

January 29, 2018

When I heard that UPPAbaby was about to launch the new 2018 Vista stroller I honestly couldn’t think of any new features that would make the stroller more efficient. We absolutely LOVE our 2017 Vista stroller. Seriously, if I had to choose just one baby item of EVERYTHING we’ve purchased the stroller would be it. Let me explain…


Right off the bat, it is SO IMPRESSIVE that you can just pop your car seat, or bassinet or rumble seat into the stroller. It’s seriously amazing! With the simple push or pull of a button the car seat is out of your car and onto your stroller in a matter of minutes. Actually, the fact that the stroller set up is just so easy was one of the main reasons I chose the Vista in the first place. I feel confident going out on my own and putting everything together in a snap (literally ha!). It’s kind of become our new party trick. Before Evie was born we had our stroller set up in the house and we would bring it out to show everyone how easy it was to use and how smooth it rolled along. If you didn’t already know, it has a narrow front which helps it move around really easily. Pretty cool right? It’s more aerodynamic if you will.


When we took Evie to her newborn photoshoot the photographer went to get her out of our Mesa car seat. I remember her saying, “WOW! This car seat is amazing.” She told us how she deals with car seats all the time and that she couldn’t believe how easy the straps were to adjust on the Mesa. With the press of a button you could tighten or loosen the straps. Trust me, this is SUPER convenient when your baby is growing almost a pound a week and you’re constantly adjusting them.


If you didn’t already know, the Vista comes with a bassinet. To be honest, we used the bassinet for several weeks in our room when Evie was first born. It was amazing! The umbrella makes it dark enough for her not to be distracted by anything else in the room and the high walls make it cozy and enclosed. So basically… when you’re buying your stroller you can get your newborn bed as well. Pretty sweet deal right? We loved taking her for walks in the bassinet in the fall. There’s a zip up enclosure that helps to keep the wind out and to keep her nice and warm. When she fell asleep on our walk we’d just carry the bassinet inside and pop it on the base. It was quite convenient. We’ve also used it several times this winter as well. Just not when the temperatures were below -10. We’re not that crazy haha.


We travelled to Pompano Beach over the Christmas Holidays and we couldn’t go without our stroller. For those of you that have never travelled with a child before guess what?!  You can check the stroller and car seat at the gate. WHOOP WHOOP! Trust me guys, this was a life saver. We could load up the base of the stroller with her diaper bag and carry on bags and wheel it right up to the gate. There’s also a carrier bag that you can travel with right here.

*FUN TIP: You can clip your car seat into the car seat base and then pop it into the stroller. Easy peasy to move everything around.

What’s your favourite part about YOUR stroller? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Jaclyn Harper

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