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My Hospital Bag Must-haves!

September 19, 2017


Count down is on. This week I’m 34 weeks pregnant. Crazy right!? If you’re pregnant too I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing… this is just flying by! I hear the last few weeks feel like forever though haha. Regardless, I want to make sure I’m prepared. I’ve officially registered for the hospital and I’m starting to think long and hard about what we still need before our little one gets here. Technically, I could go all the way to my due date (October 28th) but there’s always the chance of an early delivery as well. That’s why today we’re talking today about my Hospital Bag must-haves.

Here are my top 10:

1. My glasses. You bet that I want to be able to see my beautiful little baby once it arrives. I actually only need my glasses for long distance but when we have visitors it will be nice to be able to see. I usually wear contacts but I don’t want to have to worry about getting in and out of bed to put those on in the hospital.

2. Light reading. Recently a friend went to lend me a new book and my husband joked saying, “Does it come in an audio book?”. Moral of the story… I’m not a big reader. I totally wish I read more I just don’t make the time for it. Magazines are one of my guilty pleasures though. I still have a subscription to two decor magazines and literally look forward to getting them every single month. I’ll be bringing a few of these to the hospital with me that’s for sure.

3. Massage Oil or Cream. I showed my bestie my list of essentials and she laughed when she saw ‘massage oil’. Ok, obviously this isn’t some romantic evening to be lathered up but I’d like to think my hubby will give me a back rub if I want one when I’m in labour. Fun fact: I literally beg my husband to play with my hair on a daily basis. My closest friends and family know that’s my absolute favourite thing. Either that or getting my back rubbed. Am I weird or what? I may have to use the pregnancy card to get Ryan to do this on delivery day.

4. Lip Balm. Another random fact about me: I always carry about 4-8 options for my lips. I have a little coach zip up that has some lipsticks, lip balms and glosses in it. You’ll find it in almost every purse I carry. Obviously, I’m not going to the hospital without it. One of my all time favourites? Plain old Blistex. I like that it gives me a gloss while taking care of my lips. I know the air in hospitals can be very dry so this may come in handy.

5. Electronics. My phone doesn’t leave my hand on a regular basis so this will be there with me while I wait for my sweet little one to arrive. I’ve packed my headphones but to be honest my hubby and I listen to music so much that I bet we’ll have our Bose speaker with us. Are you allowed to do that? I guess maybe I should be making a baby playlist? Or start making a list of podcasts I want to listen to.

6. Hard Candies. A friend of mine bought me some sour suckers for my birthday and I’ve had these throughout my pregnancy. They’re not just a great treat, they’re great when you feel nauseous. I hear that some women feel VERY sick when they go into labour and that vomiting can be a common. Hope these sour suckers are going to help me out with that.

7. Change for vending machines. I’ve been told that you should eat a big meal before going to the hospital. You could be in labour for 24 hours (plus) and you’re going to want food. It’s essential to bring some snacks and drinks with you but make sure you bring some change for the vending machines. I’ve been craving chocolate chip cookies and kettle chips so I’m hoping our vending machine is stocked up.

8. Hair Elastics.This is a no brainer. Who wants sweaty hair in their face when they’re in labour? Not me.

9. Comfortable Pjs & Robe. You may not know this about me (I think my sister and my mom might be the only ones). I’m a PJ hoarder. My mom has been buying us new pyjamas every year for Christmas since I was a kid. It’s a tradition we all look forward to. This year the baby will get it’s first pair of Christmas Pjs!!! Regardless, pyjamas are definitely an essential part of my hospital bag. I found these super soft ones from Love Ophelia that I’m really excited to wear. I know I’m going to want to be as comfortable as possible.

10. Diaper Bag. This is a blog post in itself. Of course, you’ll want all the essentials that you’ll need for baby to be. Formula (just in case), diapers, swaddles, baby’s first outfit… I still have to do some research on what exactly I’ll need. Would love some tips from you mammas. Feel free to leave me a comment below.


Jaclyn Harper

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