2018 Snuggle News

Meet Team Snuggle Bugz – Kris

July 11, 2018

Kris – London’s Store Manager and Rice Pudding Lover – 

Kris has been part of the Snuggle Bugz family for 3 years now. Her energy and genuine love for her job can be felt by all those that enter the London store.

How did you come to join team Snuggle Bugz?

Back in April 2015, the opportunity to work as an Assistant Store Manager opened up so I met with the Area Manager and here I am!

How would you explain your job to a toddler?

Trying to think of it from their perspective… we help mom and dads prepare for upcoming arrival of baby by getting the things they require after baby comes along.

What products are you in love with right now?

We have so much awesome stuff which makes this difficult to answer. The new diaper bags, oh my god, I don’t need one but heck with me, I want one. The Freshly Picked backpacks are so nice. I just love them and the colours are delicious! I’m partial to the pink one but I like the soft tan bag and the one with the rose gold accents… Mama wants to take you home!

When was the last time you really LOL?

(already laughing) Well generally I’m a pretty laughy person, but this is hilarious… We had a little friend in with her sister. When we were helping mom out, they were wondering around the store and discovered the Micro Mini scooter and the Farm Hopper horse. So each sister takes ones and the little sister gets on the horse and starts saying “Oh yeah, oh yeah” like 3 times. Just like the Kool-Aid guy. It was so funny,  we’re still laughing about it now.

What song is most played on your playlist?

That’s difficult to answer because I listen to such a variety of music. It really depends on my mood. This morning I was singing to Neil Diamond, tomorrow I can be singing along to Fleetwood Mac or New Kids on the Block. Ya never know!

If your pet could speak, what would they say about you?

I have a little ginger cat and I think she’d say that I give great brushes… “Kris is really great at brushing me.”

What do you love about working at Snuggle Bugz?

Oh, everything! From the interactions with friends to my relationship with my colleagues, I love it all! I’ve build relationships with so many people over the last few years that when they come in, we’re hugging and laughing and yaking like old friends. My teammates are my work sisters, we have such a good time together and that just resounds throughout the store.  Our friends, new and old, can feel that vibe.

When you’re not at work, where would we find you?

At home in my jamjams. I have a lot of projects that I’m rotating between like knitting, crocheting or stitching.  So I switch between them to keep it interesting.

What’s your favourite dessert?

This is going to sound plain and boring, but for as long as I can remember my favourite dessert has always been rice pudding. I LOVE rice pudding!

Which of the Snuggle Bugz philosophies are you?

That is so difficult to answer because I find that they are so intertwined. You really can’t have one without the other. “We Love People”… of course I do, and that follows into an “Uncompromising Commitment to Excellence” so I want to do the best for them.  Then “Great is just the Beginning” and I want to exceed their expectations. So they all feed into each other and I feel like I’m chunks of all of them.

What are you most excited about for the future?

I can’t wait to see where we’re headed. It’s exciting to see new Snuggle Bugz locations pop-up and see where people are going within the company.  We have such a great system of support and growth opportunities, so it’s exciting to see what’s going to happen next.


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