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Meet Team Snuggle Bugz – Eileen

May 1, 2018

Eileen – Kanata’s Store Manager and Grandma of 3 –

Eileen is quite the busy bee. She has been with the Kanata store since it’s opening last November. In addition to managing the store, she is also a Grandma of 3. Eileen is known to spoil her grandkids, ranging from 7 months to 8 years old with Snuggle Bugz goodies.

How did you come to join team Snuggle Bugz?

It was kind of interesting, my daughter had been a shopper at Snuggle Bugz for many years online, and when she mentioned that they were opening a store in Kanata she told me to apply, which I did. I didn’t think anyone would hire me, but here I am.

How would you explain your job to a toddler?

Good question, my granddaughter is here right now, I would tell her I aid people in buying things they need for baby. I could ask her and see what she says? “What does Grandma do at the store?” (littlest voice) “You help people.”

What products are you in love with right now?

I absolutely love the Bugaboo Fox. It’s easy to use, it looks great and it does everything that I would want in a stroller if it was me. I’m in love with the new line from Snugabye too. But the last thing I bought for my granddaughter was a Jelly Cat goose.

What makes you laugh?

What makes me laugh? I don’t know, pretty much anything, a good joke makes me laugh.

What’s one thing that most customers don’t know about you?

I think most people that come into the store would never guess that I was a nurse and an architect. I was a neurological nurse and then I went back to school and ended up building hospitals.

What do you like to do when you leave the office?

I like to garden, I love to cook, and I like to make things. Last thing I made was a I unicorn head, well actually it was a ‘My Little Pony’ hat, but I say it was a unicorn.

What do you love about working at Snuggle Bugz?

Just the whole sense of family makes me feel at home.

What’s your favorite drink?

I love Tea! Regular black tea.

Which of the Snuggle Bugz philosophies are you?

“We Love People”. I absolutely love the whole sense of family we have here. We had a lady who just adopted her 6 weeks old niece, she was in the hospital her whole life. Right before they went to go get her, they came in to buy the stroller and car seat and then today they came in just to show me the baby.

What are you most proud of working at Snuggle Bugz?

That we really do help people. We’re not just selling them a a stroller, we’re finding them what they need… the right stroller, car seat or even a carrier for their dog! We’ve even started hosting Confidence Events at our stores. Our most recent one was called “Buckets to Boosters 101”, where we informed customers about transitioning car seats and what they should be looking for and what they need to know.

What are you most excited about for the future?

Just seeing where we go and where the journey takes us. There’s so many great things happening right now. All of our upcoming events are really exciting. I love reaching out to our communities and seeing the difference we are making.


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