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Maxi-Cosi Kaia – Product Review

May 30, 2017


As a family of five, we have used our stroller almost every day for the past seven years, and I foresee us continuing to use it for at least another year or two. In the past we have relied upon our larger triple stroller for our Irish triplets, but as our kids are growing up, a quality, lightweight, convenience stroller is just the ticket. We recently test drove Maxi-Cosi’s new Kaia Stroller, and found it met all of our needs and more!


To start with, the Kaia is a beautiful stroller. I know we should only be concerned with the specs and safety (and of course, I’ll get to that!), but I had to start off here – you will love the look of this modern, sleek stroller. I love neutrals, so the special edition Sparkling Grey won be over immediately! Other cosmetic features that you’ll love are the huge under basket (the largest I’ve ever see on a compact stroller) and cup holder. With the nice weather finally here, I like to leave the house with my kids in the morning and not come home until dinner time, so having small features like this are a huge help.


There’s so much to love about the Maxi-Cosi Kaia. It folds up super easily and takes up very little space, It’s adaptable with an infant car seat, and suitable for kids all the way up to 50lbs. This little gem is the only stroller you’ll ever need, from birth until they’re out-running you!

As a tall mom, I have had such trouble finding strollers with handles tall enough as not to leave me hunching over and a frame that allow for my long stride. I’ve also heard this complaint from most dad’s I know! Yet this compact stroller sports higher handles and is shaped perfectly for a long stride. If you’re a petite mom, this won’t bother you at all, but for taller folks it’s a game changer.


Much lighter than my triple stroller, the Kaia comes in a 19lbs. Even though it’s lightweight it’s a very stable, solid stroller, unlike some compact and umbrella strollers on the market. For this next stage of life for us, with our babies growing up and always on the go, this stroller is a terrific option! It is strong enough to accommodate heavy usage (we rarely drive and use our stroller almost daily) and heavy kids!  Our youngest still has 15lbs of wiggle room before she’ll outgrow the Kaia and even our older kids can use it if they get tired while we’re out. This is a reliable, affordable, and beautiful stroller! High five, Maxi-Cosi!


Come and test drive a Kaia Stroller for yourself at Stroller Day or check them out in-store or online.

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Emily Morrice

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