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Love your Buggy with BuggyLOVE

May 23, 2018

BuggyLOVE ‘s organic stroller cleaning products contain the purest and finest ingredients this world can offer, and fully encompass the core beliefs and passions of the company’s founders. Snuggle Bugz is excited to share with you the story of how BuggyLOVE came to be.

We know that you put your trust in BuggyLOVE to provide the safest, purest and 100% all natural and organic products for your family. Thank you for letting us into your homes, strollers and hearts! We think it’s important that you know the “story of us”. Why we care. Why we’re different. At BuggyLOVE we live by some pretty simple standards. Protect Our Children. Defend Our Planet. Improve Our World.

And this is how it all began… BuggyLOVE started with two old college friends, Kristy & Craig.

Craig moved to California. He threw himself into the world of Sales and Medical Research, honing his business savvy. Eventually, he married Kimberly, a beautiful Aussie from Perth where an obsession with meat pies, a passion for pure living and helping people was instilled in her at an early age.

Kristy stayed in New York City. She dove into urban life and had a quick rise through the world of New York Fashion, PR and Luxury Goods Marketing. Eventually, she married Jonathan, a cutting-edge New York City Designer with a serious set of creative skills. Life was good. Until it was time to start a family and then little by little the way we would see the world would change.

Four life threatening pregnancies produced five amazing, little ladies – Chloe, Shiloh, Haven, Presley and Charley. But, none of it came easy. Collectively we faced an emotional and medical rollercoaster that no one should have to endure. The problems were real. They were major. From infertility to the Big C while pregnant, to micro-preemie twins arriving at 26 weeks and surviving a 94-day NICU stay riddled with complications. Nothing about becoming a parent came without heart wrenching and life altering decisions.

This time in our lives could have easily ripped our marriages and relationships apart. But it didn’t. It made us closer, stronger and determined more than ever to understand how healthy adults in our thirties, with no pre-existing histories could be facing such dire medical issues. Even worse, how this was impacting our babies. Endless research, meetings with top medical Doctors, consultations with experts started to point to a continuing theme. It was quite possible that we were victims of our own toxic lifestyle. That all those years of chemical laden cleaning products and exposure to toxics could have played a role.

Were these exposures the culprit or just a contributing factor? No one will ever know for sure. But, the fact is, that with knowledge comes power and the ability to evoke change. Now was our time to make a change and ensure that our children’s lives would be different. Their lives would be as pure and safe as we could make them. Maybe along the way we could do our part in giving a voice to an industry in need of one.

BuggyLOVE was founded around our signature organic stroller cleaning kit. As urban parents, conversations were stories of our kids and tales of woe: man versus stroller! We were exasperated by the daily chore of cleaning formula from stroller fabrics and gear. We were shocked that dirt and grime could accumulate daily. We were fed-up with hearing the constant squeaks of our once swanky stroller wheels. We were grossed out and embarrassed to roll up to a playdate with an unkempt ride.

We knew what the problems were and how to fix them, so we set out to find organic, safe, and effective products that could simplify stroller maintenance. None existed…and with that BuggyLOVE was born.

What began as finding a smart, safe and effective way to care for strollers grew into an organic lifestyle company when BuggyLOVE became a division of The Organic Republic.

BuggyLOVE proudly offers our signature stroller, car seat and gear-specific products that are widely endorsed by leading industry manufacturers, UPPAbaby & Bumbleride. Compliant with The Organic Republic standards of excellence, BuggyLOVE was created with purest, whole, organic, non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan friendly ingredients available, and is and second to none in functionality, design, and effectiveness. Did we mention the product is super-cute?

As business owners and parents we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We vow to operate an honest company whose values and ethics outweigh sales goals. We believe in educating consumers about the decisions they make about bringing toxins into their home and how to see through the vast differences between organic and so called “natural” or “eco-friendly” products. We believe in being transparent and that green-wash marketing is a culprit that masks products that affect our health and the health of our children and planet. Put simply, BuggyLOVE is fueled by a singular vision: to be better.


We love BuggyLOVE but don’t take our word for it, it’s also Parent approved:

“We got our hands on the Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit by BuggyLOVE and now can’t live without it! BuggyLOVE’s products are 100% paraben, phthalates and sulfate free with no toxins, which made me feel better about using them around my little ones.

With the winter FINALLY over, it was the perfect time to give our stroller a much needed cleaning! The Wheel Scrub Brush was perfect for getting in the grooves of our wheels that were covered in mud and salt. The Freshening Mist left behind this delicious but not to strong fresh minty smell, the Stroller Frame and Accessory Cleaner was perfect for gently removing the dirt and dust from the frame. Finally, the Stroller and Carseat Fabric Cleaner was perfect for those food stains that my son always manages to leave behind! I was  really impressed with how easily and quickly I was able to clean my stroller from top to bottom!

I also love the fact that the Kit comes with a reusable To-Go Bag so I keep it in my trunk for those unforeseen messes. I have never been more thankful to have it than this past weekend when we were on our way from Toronto to Montreal and my son got sick in the back of my car. Stranded at a gas station with a dirty car seat, this kit came to the rescue. I was able to clean up the mess, freshen the smell, and feel good about putting my son back in the car seat knowing that I used products that were effective, yet gentle and organic.

I am so happy to have discovered BuggyLOVE’s Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit and totally recommend it to anyone with a messy child (so basically every parent)! “ – Tovah  

Tovah is a first time mom from Montreal, to an adorable 14 month old baby boy. She has a passion for meeting other moms through blogging and sharing resources. Her Instagram account, @mrsnewmommtl, is a fantastic space for moms to connect and explore new products and parenting tips.

Snuggle Bugz & BuggyLOVE want to help you keep your stroller clean! Log in to the rafflecopter below and answer the question “How often do you clean your stroller? in the blog comments to be entered to WIN an Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit valued at $59.99! Contest ends Wednesday, May 30th, 2018 at 11:59PM EST. Contest Rules and Regulations.

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