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Let’s get Real about Milk Supply

March 6, 2018

If you’ve decided to breastfeed your baby then milk supply will probably cross your mind at some point during your child’s first year. For me, it has already come up a few times and Evie is only three months old. At first, it was the wait for my breast milk to come in. It only took about four days after Evie was born but I remember thinking… is she getting enough to eat?! (TMI WARNING) I also had a clogged milk duct in the very beginning which was very painful and quite worrisome. Once my milk came in I had much more milk in my right breast because the left one was clogged. I used a hot compress to help clear things up but it took a few days. I used my Medela breast pump to help get things back on track. TRUST ME when you have a clogged duct your desperate to get that milk outta there. It’s an incredible relief to have a breast pump for that.

Two months ago Evie was throwing up quite frequently and quite a lot. More than the babies we were hanging out with that’s for sure. One morning Ryan gave her some formula to let me sleep in and was in shock that she didn’t throw up at all after she finished the bottle. I thought… could she be allergic to my breast milk? It made me sad to think that I might not be able to feed her anymore (and I understand that some women can’t to begin with. There’s nothing wrong with that). Regardless, I spoke with my doctor and was told that as long as she was gaining weight and as long as she wasn’t in discomfort the throwing up was totally normal. I was so happy to hear that I could continue to breastfeed.

Another time my pump came to the rescue was during month two when the design team I work for got to work for the Property Brother’s . It was their show ‘Buying and Selling’ and there was no way I could pass up on the opportunity to help out. For several days I used my pump to store milk so that Evie could have breast milk while mommy went to work. I needed two days worth (and that’s a lot to pump while you’re still breast feeding). At that time she was drinking about 4oz at a time and I was going to be gone for almost two full days. I was so thankful to be able to pump and store my milk so that I wouldn’t have to worry while I was gone.

Most recently, Evie had been going through a bit of a growth spurt. Actually a HUGE growth spurt. She was eating every two hours (which felt like every hour on the hour) and it had me thinking… is she getting enough to eat? I started using my pump after every feed to help boost my breast milk production. It’s all about supply and demand. The more you pump the more milk your body produces. I was able to get my production back on track with what Evie needed.

I haven’t started pumping and freezing my milk just yet but I’d like to do that. If any of you have tips or stories to share about that please leave me a comment down below. I’d LOVE to hear from you.

Until next time,

Jaclyn Harper

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