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Kokoala Coat Extension Review

October 8, 2015

Kokoala Coat Extension


As pregnancy progresses, so too does that sweet bump and the collection of clothes required to fit it. While the everyday maternity pieces are often a welcome addition, (shout out to elastic waist jeans!), some seasonal pieces can be hard to justify and even harder on the wallet. As winter approaches and you start to wonder how you will squeeze all that bump into last year’s winter coat, fear not, because Kokoala has created a genius solution! The zip-in Coat Extension allows you to continue using your pre-pregnancy coat by adding width for either a growing baby bump or for wearing baby in a carrier following birth.

A unisex insert, this piece can be worn by both mom and dad when baby carrying and comes equipped with an interchangeable zipper, allowing you to use it with different jackets. Given the ability to span pre and post pregnancy as well as both mom and dad’s wardrobe, the Kokoala Coat Extension is a win in our books. But don’t just take our word for it, we asked a new mom to try it out to let us know what she thought and this is what she had to say:

Kokoala In Action


“I absolutely love this product for both pregnancy and now, with my little one. It has been so useful and practical for our needs as my growing belly expanded to be too big for my coat, and now, to keep my daughter warm as the cold weather approaches.

During pregnancy I started using the extension around 24 weeks. It was perfect from the point of needing just a little more room all the way until my belly was bursting. The adjustable string made it really easy to accommodate this growth. I love that I didn’t have to buy another winter coat and could continue using the one I already had.

The material is lightweight but sturdy and I feel great about the level of warmth it provided both my pregnant belly and daughter now. Im really happy with the black as it’s the most universal colour and looks the best with all of my jackets.

I would suggest this product to anyone who needs something to cover their belly or baby.”

Win a Kokoala Coat Extension!

We love the Kokoala Coat Extension so much that we are giving away a Deluxe Extension to one lucky winner! Answer the question in the widget below for your chance to win! Contest ends Thursday, October 15th at 11:59PM EST. Rules and Regulations. 

*Update: This contest is now closed. The winner of the Deluxe Coat Extension is Christine Peachy. Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to Christine!

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  • Erin MacDonald

    Would love to win this !! 🙂

  • Heather Smith

    This is fantastic!! The one thing I wanted when I was pregnant but couldn’t afford! It would still be amazing for this winter with the wee one in the carrier. Such a great product and brilliant idea to create this!!

  • Maria

    Maternity outerwear! I just can’t seem to justify the cost. Now that it’s getting colder the layers are helpful even with an open coat. Hopefully it doesn’t snow before my baby comes 🙂

  • Jamie

    This is a great idea, I ended up borrowing a maternity coat from a friend as couldn’t justify the cost

  • Natalie

    I avoided buying a maternity jacket, but I need something for winter babywearing. This looks perfect since my husband could use it too!

  • Nic

    i didn’t end up buying a maternity pyjama, i just used big t-shirts and shorts

  • Chantelle Nakhooda

    I resisted buying a winter jacket. I borrowed my moms larger one instead

  • Megan

    I avoided a jacket my luckily I was still small enough during the cold months to keep squeezing into my regular jacket! One of these would be perfect for baby wearing this winter!

  • Amanda

    So far I’ve skippedthe maternity underwear. My BFF couldn’t live without it but so far I’ve found my current skivvies are doing just fine 🙂 would love to use this with my parka for when it gets super cold!

  • Katie Ann

    I just bought/borrowed what I needed. I got away with not needing a coat because mine had a double zip, so I worn a sweater under. My son loves our Ergo, i ‘m excited yo learn they have coat extenders!

  • Sara

    Like most women… I am resisting buying a new winter coat. I love the idea of a coat extension, so that I can use what I already have!

  • Valerie Theberge

    I resisted buying a winter jacket 🙁

  • Sandeep Badwal

    I never bought a maternity coat last pregnancy as I couldn’t send that kind of money. And borrowed from someone which didn’t fit well. This time I will be getting the extension.

  • Kate A

    I’ve resisted buying a jacket or snow pants. Since I’m due at the end of the winter this insert would be a lifesaver and would help keep the warmth in and colds away. I’ve also resisted buying maternity bras and have just gotten nursing bras which will have dual purpose after birth!

  • Stella

    I resisted buying maternity lounge wear. I figured I could just wear oversized tees.

  • Mary Fajardo

    I resisted buying a winter jacket. Luckily the Calgary weather was relatively mild last year and my lovely husband dropped me off/picked me up at work every day due to my severe morning sickness.

  • Bethany Gallinger

    I resisted buying belly bands.

  • Crystal

    I resisted buying a winter jacket.

  • Hanjia Lou

    I resisted buying a winter jacket. Got away with using my hubby’s coat

  • Lindsey Araujo

    I resisted buying maternity sweaters! I just wear my pre-pregnancy sweaters and cardigans undone and use a long scarf to cover my belly when I’m cold.

  • Lindsey Nix

    I resisted buying maternity underwear. Instead regular Fruit-of-the-Loom low-rise bikinis are working great!

  • Viv Sluys

    I’ve resisted buying a lot of maternity clothes so far but I still have 3 months to go…
    I’ll probably not buy maternity undies though

  • Julie Daniels

    I resisted buying a winter jacket.

  • Marianne Chevrette

    I resisted buying a maternity winter coat! Having known then what I know now, that both my son and I enjoy the cuddles of babywearing, I would Have invested in a convertible babywearing/maternity coat 🙂

  • Christina Hum

    I resisted buying a maternity coat for the winter. I was lucky because my baby was born at the beginning of summer so I just used an oversized coat for my 2nd trimester and didn’t need any outerwear when I was at my biggest!

  • Judy Lin

    I didn’t buy belly bands.

  • Rafael Matos

    Wow! Would love to win! 😀 I resisted … to nothing so far! 😛

  • Vivian WH Lee

    Would have to be a winter jacket…I just wore my hubby’s jacket with the sleeves rolled back. Not the most fashionable but it kept us warm 😀

  • mariko

    Nothing so far!

  • Sarah

    No maternity workout-wear… my sports bras are tight and pants ride down but I just might make it through.

  • Caroline Richer

    Winter jacket so far… might not be able to resist too long!

  • Myranda Eechaute

    With my first I resisted all maternity clothes but this time I cant wait to wear them. So comfy!

  • Nancy Serrano

    I’ve resisted buying a new coat – but it’s getting cold and I need to zip up 😉

  • Claudia Bate-Gonzalez

    Pantyhose. They are uncomfortable enough when one isn’t pregnant.

  • Sara Haugen

    A jacket – like another reader I stole a coat from hubby.

  • Angie

    I resisted buying a jacket, borrowed from my sister and mom who were a size up from me!

  • Lori Lambert

    I would love to win this for walking in winter with baby. Those babywearing jackets are way too expensive. I never had maternity clothes really and never ever a jacket

  • END

    I resisted buying a light weight fall jacket

  • Candace s.

    I resisted buying maternity bras with my first but loved having my soft nursing bras to wear while pregnant with my second!

  • Carrieann Marcicki

    I resisted buying shorts for my summer pregnancy, then when I wanted them they were all sold out.

  • Nikki

    My baby hates his bucket seat so now I have to take a 3 month old in and out of a convertible seat.

  • Ivy L

    Underwear! I refuse to admit that other things besides my tummy are trying to keep up with the Kardashians!

  • C. Beamish

    I resisted buying a coat, figuring it would not get too cold for early Dec due date. That year winter came in early and stayed cold.

  • Hema O.

    A winter jacket!

  • Stephanie

    I never bought a nice jacket (or any jacket actually)

  • Brenna

    Jeans. Soooo expensive for a nicer pair…

  • Christine

    A jacket… Though I did borrow one from a friend.

  • Megan Loucks

    A Jacket!

  • Kate Bartlett

    A coat for sure!

  • Renata

    A winter jacket!